As Supergirl flies into her third season, much has developed. Although we’ve seen the exit of M’yrnn and Mon’el (finally), fans will also see less of Winn Scott. Jeremy Jordan is busy with other plans but still plans to appear on a limited basis during Season 4.

Jesse Raith will be replacing Winn’s character in a full-time role, as Brainiac-5 will assist within the DEO, as Alex Danvers heads up the mantel with J’onn J’onzz pursuing other interests following his father’s death.

In other casting news, fans will see the introduction of Agent Liberty, played by Sam Witwer, as well as adding a transgender superhero, which I’m most excited about. Nicole Maines didn’t receive as much talking time as the rest of the cast, but I’m sure she’ll excel playing Nia Nal.

April Parker Jones and David Ajala will also be joining the fold, playing Colonel Haley and Manchester Black respectively.

In terms of plot, I was excited to learn that more scenes will focus on Kara’s work at Catco. We didn’t get enough scenes of her and Lena last season in a professional capacity and I’ll take anything to feed my Supercorp fan theories.

The promo displays hints of anti-alien propaganda, a subject the show has previously covered with Lillian Luthor’s antagonistic approach against aliens with her CADMUS project. It seems Agent Liberty isn’t happy with the idea of aliens and wants humans to squelch out these strangers.

Alex Danvers got an amazing haircut, it looks so great on her! And Kara appears to be sporting a new suit, this time with a helmet to cover her face. Not to mention she’ll have her Russian doppelganger to contend with, as we saw briefly at the conclusion of Season 3.

But she won’t be alone. Kara will have Director Danvers and her DEO agents for help, and it even seems we’ll see more of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman in Season 3. The third episode of Season 3 was revealed as “Man of Steel”, indicating we’ll finally see Superman on screen after he had to save Madagascar as Supergirl and the team dealt with Reign. Hopefully he’ll be happy to see his cousin, and we’ll see some friendly scenes between Clark Kent and James Olsen, who has seen more screen time as Guardian, but it’s difficult to determine just how involved he is as CatCo’s CEO, seeing as we’ve been forced to witness the severe lack of chemistry between Lena and James during the latter half of Season 3.

Perhaps Supercorp will finally seem more credible? We could even see a potential love interest between Batgirl and Director Danvers during the crossover episode slated for December.

Look out for new episodes of Supergirl Season 4 beginning on its new night, Sundays at 8pm/7ct followed by the new Charmed reboot.