Jimmy’s job interview with Neff Copiers. Photo source: Photo by Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures Television.

Directed by Michelle MacLaren

Written by Thomas Schnauz

Jimmy McGill continues his Chuck-free life with Kim, despite that pesky prohibition against lawyering, by making an awesome breakfast and deciding to tackle the Albuquerque job scene. While supportive of his trademark hustle, Kim briefly wonders if Jimmy wouldn’t rather finish up the legal details of Chuck’s life, but then realizes that Jimmy needs to get as far away from Chuck’s spectre as possible.

Meanwhile, Don Hector Salamanca struggles in his recovery of the attempted murder by Nacho. Poor Nacho, who spent all that time nailing the pill-bottle drop into Hector’s suit jacket, thinks he’s in the clear. He assures his father that the Salamancas will never come back, although his father points out that Nacho needs to get out of the game now. Fring, of course, knows exactly what Nacho has done.

When one of his henchmen suggests that Hector may be better off at Johns Hopkins, Fring flies a specialist in from Baltimore to take over the treatment. While this befuddles the ever-vigilant Marco and Leonel Salamanca, who stand guard in the hospital, nothing prepares them for the Johns Hopkins doc who tells them, in perfect Spanish, that they need to talk to Hector. At a loss for words, they recruit Nacho and Arturo – who’ve probably never used a hundred words that they didn’t need.

Meanwhile, the greatest gabber of them all takes his talents to Neff Copiers (a probably shout-out to the classic film noir Double Indemnity) where he slides by on a nearly perfect job interview, until the owner shows up. The owner dismisses the company history and some Hummel figurines on display as junk and began a tougher interview with Jimmy. Despite his sense of humor, Jimmy can’t hide his history as a lawyer from the skeptical owner. When he’s dismissed, Jimmy walks out the door and gets mad. Jimmy goes back to Neff Copiers and gives them the best sales pitch ever. He absolutely floors them with his seeming passion for copiers and his enthusiasm for their work. When they hire him immediately, Jimmy screams at them for being suckers. In the end, however, he has to return to job-hunting.

Mike has been quieter than usual, especially in a show about generally quiet people. He lazily spends his days either playing with Kaylee or breaking into Madrigal warehouses to pretend he works there. Lydia confronts him and tries to convince Mike that he will only incriminate himself, but Mike points out that his regular presence on Madrigal property justifies his position on their payroll. When Lydia tattles to Fring, Fring brushes her off and tells her to let Mike do whatever he wants.

Kim goes to the offices of Hamlin Hamlin McGill in order to collect Jimmy’s share of Chuck’s estate. She runs into Rebecca, who inherited the house, and the two regret each other’s involvement. Howard offers Jimmy a small sum, a personal letter from Chuck, board membership for a Charles McGill Scholarship and asks if Jimmy would want to check the remains of the house for any personal items. Kim says no. Once Rebecca leaves, Kim tears Howard up. She berates him for taunting Jimmy with the scraps of Chuck’s life, but it’s clear from Howard’s face that he needs Chuck McGill hanging over him about as much as Jimmy does. Kim leaves with the money and the letter. She files the unopened letter away in her and Jimmy’s home without telling him about it. Then they watch White Heat (definite film noir reference).

Meanwhile, Nacho and Arturo continue getting their product from Fring’s people. Fring’s henchmen want to short the two Salamanca henchmen, but Nacho pulls his gun first and scares them off. As he and Arturo leaves, however, Fring himself ambushes them and has them restrained. He suffocates Arturo with a plastic bag while Nacho watches, then explains to Nacho that he knows how Hector ended up in the hospital.

While the Nacho and Kim storylines knock it out of the park this week, we really don’t get Mike and Howard do too much in this episodes. Jimmy continues his predictable slide into Saul, although we seem him do so reluctantly rather than out of the joy he takes from his job in Breaking Bad. But hey, complicated emotions are what bring us back to this dark universe every week.