Serpentine AU

Source Booktopia

Edward is getting married! Anita is the best man at the wedding again. This is the second time she was best man. The first time was for Larry Kirkland. This time she is going to Florida for the wedding and she is taking Micah and Nathaniel as their first ever romantic vacation. The rule is no work. Period. Unless someone is going to die, then all bets are off. The wedding is taking place where the family he was helping is.

Well, that went out the window before they even got to the destination. Nathaniel was PISSED! Micah’s work with the Furry Coalition had actually brought him to Florida before the wedding for a new type of lycanthropy. It is like nothing any of them have seen before. Snakes, it is snakes. They don’t turn like a regular were animal, so they aren’t affected by the moon. They also don’t fully change. Their arm can turn into a mass of snakes or a single serpent. There is no peace with the change either. The family believes itself to be cursed.

Before leaving for the wedding Micah, Anita and Nathaniel go and talk to Melanie who is a lamia. A lamia according to Greek myth is a half serpent, half human creature with a desire for flesh. Melanie hails from ancient Greece and the family in question can trace their roots back to the same area and time period of Greece. Unfortunately, Melanie has absolutely no interest in the family or helping them.

So Micah and Anita make it up to Nathaniel about the detour they took to help the family in question. They start to move forward and BAM! Police. There is a girl from the hotel missing. The officer is pretty sure it’s Nathaniel’s fault. Then Donna, whom Edward is marrying, has a friend who goes berserk and even stabs Donna’s son Peter in the thigh putting him into surgery. Olaf, one of the Four Horsemen, shows up. The missing girl fits the profile of Olaf’s victims and he wants to pursue a relationship with Anita, who also fit’s Olaf’s victim profile. The detective who takes on the case after the body of the missing girl shows up is also up to no good but Anita has to prove it. Then a second victim goes missing and this time it is one of their own friends.

WOW! What a wedding! Now Anita, Olaf, Edward and Bernardo, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse must save the day. Can they do it before their friend is a corpse? What will happen with this family of snakes? CAN EDWARD AND DONNA FINALLY GET MARRIED? Read the book and tell me what you think in the comments below. Remember Serpentine came out August 7th. Till next week…