With the COD:WW2 beta opening September 1st, and the plethora of other games within the franchise, many people are wondering “What makes this game stand out against all the rest?” Well I’m here to hopefully provide some answers! First and Foremost, Call Of Duty: World War II is going to allow players the joy of pretending to be Captain America. “How?” you might ask? By allowing us to throw down with Nazis. Regular Nazis & Undead Nazis! I actually wrote about the SDCC zombies panel, which you can read about here!

In terms of “new” features, there are quite a few things that are going to make this one an absolute game changer. one of the biggest changes, one that, to be honest, I’m not sure about, is the fact that the “Create-A-Class” feature will no longer exist. The creators aren’t getting rid of the idea entirely though, as fans will have the option of choosing their primary weapons. Players will instead be given five different “Divisions” to choose from, each of which is more closely based on real world situations. I’m anxious to play the beta and see how the lack of Create-A-Class affects game play entirely. This is one of – but not the only – the biggest changes coming to the game. on top of this, new features will include “War Mode,” and “Headquarters.” We’re going to tackle these one-by-one and see what they’re all about!


Call Of Duty: World War 2 – Activision

Divisions Vs Create a Class – Pros and Cons:


  • Player capabilities won’t really change, depending on what they’ve unlocked and the guns they want to choose.
  • Games will now be based on skill and not necessarily who has the better weapon.


  • It’s a newfangled thing that we didn’t have in my day gosh dernit.
  • Lack of creativity within the classes?


This is something drastically new for Call Of Duty. It’s essentially a social hub for players, and according to the information COD has released, will include the following:

  • Players will have the option of showcasing their capabilities in the game, such as prestige levels and medals received.
  • Players can go head-to-head in the “1vs1 Pit.” Or they can simply warm up for the online matches in a firing range, which I, personally, find pretty damn cool! (Finally, I can shut the kids up who try to “1v1” me publicly in front of other gamers.)
  • You can also watch matches in the classic COD Theater  – I’m not talking just…your matches. You can watch other people’s matches which is a major upgrade compared to the previous, lack-luster version of theater mode.

War Mode:

Also brand-spanking-new to the Call Of Duty franchise is “War Mode.” According to the information they’ve released, War Mode brings to mind the game “Battlefield.” With a similar set up, players can go at it on a massive map and focuses heavily on players working together as a team. There’s not a lot on what the game play will look like, or if the War Mode maps will follow the traditional “3 funnel” mapping style that COD is famous for.

The Beta itself will give players a look at roughly three different maps: Pointe Du Hoc, Ardennes, and Gilbraltar, along with three different modes to try – Including Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Domination. Gamers will also yet to check out divisions in place of Create-A-Class, and all beta-users will get exclusive gear from the beta! To gain access, all you need to do is go to your nearest Gamestop, put a few dollars down on the pre-order and they’ll give you the beta code on your receipt!

The beta times go as follows:

Playstation 4 had an exclusive beta release this past weekend, from 08/25-08/28, while Xbox owners won’t get their chance at the beta until September 1st, and that ends on September 4th! Now, if you own a PS4 but missed the window for your beta, don’t worry! The beta opens up again on the first of September for you too! I’m sorry to say that the beta will NOT be available for PC release – Sorry y’all! Regardless, it look superb, and if you want to check out game play before the release, check out Ali-A’s channel on Youtube!