Games-Workshop has recently announced that they will be releasing a plethora of Space Marine products, from new Primaris models to a whole new codex and codex supplements. The Space Marines have been the poster boys for the Warhammer 40k franchise for a large part of the existence of the franchise, being one of the more popular factions, so no surprise that we are getting even more models for this range of miniatures. This new release introduces a new vehicle model, as well as supplements which cover several Space Marine factions.

The new Space Marine codex will be released in a standard hard cover version, however if you’d prefer a limited collectors edition G-dubs also announced the Indomitus Edition. The premium version of the codex comes packaged with a two sided poster, as well as some ten metal company coins which can be used as objective markers. Also, a little cheesy, but you also get a certificate signed by Reboute Guilliman himself (see….cheesy). If you want this book though you better hurry once it is released because this version is limited to 800 copies. The first two codex supplements will be for the White Scars, and Ultramarines, these will match the new dice which are branded to with the respective chapter’s iconography.

Space Marine players will also be receiving two new miniatures, although these are not necessarily new characters to the franchise. The new miniatures are Chief Librarian Tigurius and Kor’sarro Khan in primaris form. In fact to continue on this primaris band wagon we have a new primaris troop transport, and a new….uh, Dreadnaught?

Space Marines are receiving a new walker, however unlike with the dreadnaughts these are piloted by still living marines. This new walker is supposed to be a stealth unit, at least by its description –

“The Invictor Tactical Warsuit is designed with sound-dampening materials, enabling it to move at great speed with minimal noise output in support of the living pilot’s Vanguard brethren. In fact, it can even set up alongside them in concealed deployment!”

It appears that it’s role is to fulfill the same niche as a Dreadnaught, with the elite vanguard units, and a living pilot, which makes no sense. Space Marines are already heaving genetically modified, cybernetically modified, heavily trained and conditioned. Units like Space Marine reivers are even more extensively trained in stealth combat, but for some reason they need a massive walker? Wouldn’t a giant war machine be the opposite of inconspicuous? Regardless, it is a well sculpted model.

Maybe next release we can get a new release for another faction though, just a thought.