Can we all say a collective YAY!!!! 👏 I’m always going on about the gang maturing throughout the seasons because I feel like most of the time, the writers forget that we’re not in Season 1 or 2 anymore, and have the characters revert back to their immature ways. Now that the loft-mates are going to be focusing on their careers more so than their relationships, I’m pumped to see these characters finally achieve their dreams. I also feel like most of the times, the writers are too concerned about whose dating who and how it conflicts with other characters, so I’m excited to see this shift to something else that is important in the gang’s lives. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy that Schmidt and Cece are moving and are starting their own life together and I can’t wait for Aly to come back. But I feel like the relationships get boring after awhile, because the writers throw every situation at the couples, and it gets stale pretty fast. Just let the couples be for a little bit and then we can go back to them towards the end of the season.

Lastly, I’m screaming with excitement because Schmidt is finally going to have some success at work?! Awesome! We rarely get to see Schmidt at work anymore, so I’m pumped for us to go back to his office and see what’s been going on, besides Schmidt getting humiliated by all the women. That would be awesome if he got promoted or came up with a great branding idea. And what’s also making me excited is Nick’s book. Is something major going to happen with this book, like it getting published? Maybe I’m taking it too far. He didn’t even finish writing it yet, so maybe his accomplishment is he finally finishes it 😂. I could guess all day, but all I know is that I’m excited for this second half of the season.