Freya The Party Girl Of The Aesir


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Freya is a very busy Goddess. She governs beauty, love, sex, war, death and witchcraft. She is also known as Queen of the Valkyries. Because of her associations with beauty, love and sex she is thought of as a “party girl”. A basic party girl however would not hold an honorary membership to the Gods of the Aesir, the Old Norse Gods, as well as be a member of the Vanir, the young Norse Gods. The Aesir are to the Vanir what the Titans are to the Olympians.

Freya’s father is Njord. Her mother is unknown and her brother is Freyr, a twin. Her husband is Oar. She is mother to daughters named Hnoss and Gersemi. She possesses a falcon feather cloak and a torc named Brísingamen. She rides a chariot pulled by cats and is often accompanied by a boar named Hildisvíni.

Freya is often confused with Frigg and as such is often named as Odin’s wife. This is not the case. Her brother Freyr, is often confused with Freya’s also. I assure you; Freya and Freyr are two separate deities and are brother and sister. She is the original practitioner of seidr, a magick that is controlling and manipulating the desires, health, and prosperity of others and it is the most formal form of Norse magick they know. Freya is also the guardian of Folkvang, a Norse realm of the afterlife. Half of the warriors slain in battle go there. The other half resides with Odin in Valhalla.

Freya is a well know deity but has not seen the resurgence in popularity like other Gods and Goddesses have in recent years. She has plenty to keep her busy until then though. Do you think because she enjoys sex she deserves the name “party girl”? Let me know in the comments below. Till next week…


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