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Attack on Titan is Back With a Dubbed Trailer for Season 3

On April 27th, Funimation posted the official Attack on Titan season 3 trailer with subtitles. And while fans were not entirely surprised by what they saw in the trailer, there were some interesting points that can be admired by fans who read the manga as well as those who don’t.

The trailer opens and ends with an emphasis on Levi – specifically on his relationship to Kenny. The anger that Levi builds up is characteristic of his nature, but seeing that means one thing is for sure: there’s no doubt we will see some grade-A badassery come July.

Attack on Titan
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And speaking of Kenny, I think we can all agree that he is animated to look as creepy and sleazy as we all hoped he would be. His presence is not only going to help drive the plot, but also dig into Levi’s backstory a little bit more because Levi lived with him as a child. So, if you haven’t kept up with the manga, you have that to look forward to.

Attack on Titan

Perhaps the best part of the trailer is Historia’s line: “That good girl Christa who was nice to everyone is gone now.” I know we all like to get immersed in our headcanons and AUs between updates, but this line is your wake up call to remember that Historia is actually a really dynamic character. This will be the season when she shows that off, and other characters will be doing the same – notice the cut to characters like Commander Erwin and Armin just after this line is delivered (:19).

Attack on Titan

The trailer emphasizes that this season will deal with the crew fighting humans as well as Titans. It might be possible that Eren is shown in his Titan form less during this trailer than any of the past trailers, and that’s incredibly telling. What’s more is the question, “can the government be trusted with the future of humanity?” Even if you don’t already know what’s in store, you can conclude that there is going to be a drawn-out showdown between the Scouting Regimen and the government. And thematically, that’s just destined to be epic and a bloody.

Personally, I think I’m most looking forward to two things: Seeing Levi interact with Kenny and seeing characters transition into new personalities. Historia will for sure be interesting to watch, but so will Eren, Armin and Erwin. Although I will admit that I’m getting really nervous to watch Erwin on screen this season… that’s what happens when you get attached in this show.

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Check back here or follow me on Twitter for more updates about Attack on Titan. Otherwise, we’ll be watching season this July!

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