Crimson Death

Source: Laurell K. Hamilton

It is well known to Anita that vampires “die” during sunlight hours and “live” during night hours. Powerful master vamps have the ability to “go to sleep” and “wake up” earlier than other run of the mill or young vampires. Jean-Claude is a master vampire and can stay up about a half an hour to an hour past true dawn but cannot face the sun unscathed. Damian however is different; he is a daywalker, meaning he can walk unharmed in the sun. Lately though, his “sleep” is plagued by nightmares. He wakes at random times thoroughly terrified.

It turns out Anita is called to Ireland, specifically the island where She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named, aka M’Lady, aka Moroven, aka Nemhain, basically Damian’s creator, calls home. Moroven is a vampire that can feed on fear and uses that to her advantage. She rules over those that are bound to her with fear. The reason Damian can help Anita stay calm is because he himself had to learn to stay calm throughout his tortured time with Moroven. Don’t let the calm fool you though. He is absolutely terrified of Moroven. He has a hard time doing as Anita has asked because of his terror.

Once Anita and her men get to Ireland, including Damian, new problems arise. The Irish treat these new vampires they find as people who have intolerance for the sun instead of the dangerous being they are. They also find Anita too bloodthirsty. They want to send her home immediately. The problem was she kept being right and therefore more of a help than a hindrance. I should point out that when The Mother of All Darkness died some of her power found a home in Moroven and so did some of the Harlequin.

When there is nothing further that Anita can do, she goes back to the hotel recoup when attack. Domino dies and Anita is taken by Rodrigo and he force feeds her some of Domino’s blood which marries Anita to Domino. She finds out that all the stuff with Damian and all the problems in Ireland have been of Moroven design to lure Anita to her. She wants there rest of the Mother of All Darkness’s power which lies with Anita.

How does Anita escape? What happens to Moroven? What does it mean for Anita to have “married” Domino? Read the book and let me know you’re thoughts in the comments below. Till next week…