Straight from SDCC 2019, the staff has given us Bob’s Burgers fans a wonderful treat almost as appetizing as Bob’s cooking. We got to hear the amazing voices of the voice actors that bring so much character to their roles on the show, season ten episode titles and a long-awaited announcement regarding the “Bob’s Burgers” movie status and a few details.

To start it all off, we will be getting season 10 this fall (September) and during the panel, we were given seven titles/ synopsis’ for upcoming episodes. No surprise we will be getting three-holiday related episodes surrounding Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. All of this information has fans excited to see the finished product as each one was truly intriguing. Multiple names of returning characters were also dropped and these returning faces already prove this is going to be a good season. The installment kick staring season ten is titled “The Ring But Not Scary”, the description is given states that Bob finally gets Linda a ring but lose it soon after its purchase. (Below we have listed several of the other titles given at the panel)

“Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus”

“Motor, She Boat”

“Pig Trouble In Little Tina” (Halloween Special)

“The Hawkening: Look Who’s Hawking Now!” (Spelling might not be accurate)

“Now We’re Not Cooking With Gas” (Thanksgiving Special)

“Land of the Loft”

“Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas” (Christmas Special)

Along with an unnamed episode that takes place in the mall where the Belcher family spends an hour of their life in the mail (another boy crazy Tina episode).

However, the biggest news revealed was the official announcement for a “Bob’s Burgers” movie. Not going to lie, when we first heard this we immediately thought of “Hamburger Dinner Theater”, season one’s fifth episode. The movie is a musical, a mystery musical. Announced several years ago, fans had recently become nervous about the status of the film given several factors that have taken place over said years but this new information has brought relief to so many of us in the fandom. It is supposed to be a very meaningful tale so here’s hoping it will be an amazing piece both musically and quality-wise. July 2020, we have the general date so all there is left to do is wait for the impending day.

Well, be sure to tune in back to TGON this fall as “Bob’s Burgers” season ten primers September 29th, 9 pm, on FOX. If you want to to see us write about it then be sure to leave a like, comment or both to let us know. Also, share this article so you can spread the news on when to expect our favorite restaurateur, family man.

Thank you for reading and we hope that you enjoyed 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con as much as we did. We will be posting more articles on our time there so be sure to look out for that amazing content and have an epic countdown to the end of summer.