GOOOOD MORNING GOTHAM! Another episode has premiered, and let me
just tell ya’ guys…I was not as excited during this episode as I
should’ve been. Perhaps it’s the fact that Episode 4 had a bit of a
lackluster feel after “The Last Laugh,” last week, but I digress.

Because of it’s generally lacking excitement, I’m only going to note a few key points here. Also,
I have intense feelings about these things and need a healthy outlet to
express them so. Have fun reading what’s basically my journal entries.

Dear diary…
No just kidding, I’m not going to put you guys through that.

First and foremost, let’s discuss Oswald Cobblepot and his…almost
creepy relationship with his mother. In season one, their relationship,
while powerful, bordered on something a little more taboo. This season
though, I wanted nothing more than for Oswald to shoot Theo in the face
when it was revealed that his mother had been kidnapped. I DO, however,
have to commend Theo for thinking up such an effective incentive to
ensure Oswald’s cooperation.

2.) On that note,
can we also talk about how adorable Zsasz is? He’s such a murderous
dweeb, and I’m now expecting to see more of Victor Zsasz playing with
severed heads and getting excited over mayoral buttons. Make it happen
Gotham Writers.

This next point may cause a bit of controversy, but hear me out before
you get all gung-ho protective of Alfred. Selina deserved punishment for
a murder…what she did not deserve was to be deliberately hit in the
face for showing up to hang out with Bruce. What she did not deserve was
Alfred blaming this unacceptable action on the death of his “Friend.”
That “Friend” he speaks of? That friend stabbed him and left him to die,
then sold Bruce Wayne out to Wayne Enterprises, all so he could get his
fucking drug money. That “Friend” threatened to go to Wayne Enterprises
and rat Selina and Bruce out. So Selina made the choice to save their
asses. Alfred had no right to hit her, I won’t support it, and I’m going
to glare at him any time he’s on screen until he makes up for it

4.) This is my final point because OH
MY GOD I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. Edward Nygma and Kristen Kringle went
on a CUTE DATE at Edward’s place, where he cooked for her and they
kissed, and be still my shipper’s heart, this ship only just left the
docks. But! I do have to get it out of my system so…bear with me
I’m done now, carry on.



To be honest, not much else happened this episode, but tune in with me on Twitter at 7pm central standard time Monday nights while I live tweet the episodes, and we can experience it together!