A little over two years ago and idea started to float around the internet.

What if Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) got her own show? With Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) being sent to live with her in season ten, after already having taken Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen) under her wing, it seemed like the perfect time to grow the family, as it were. And after Jody met Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) in “Hibbing 911” the idea became a dream.

It’s no secret that Supernatural has (understatement warning) some issues with diverse, inclusive representation and with keeping strong female characters alive. Soon after Hibbing 911 fans began discussing Wayward Daughters, the name the fandom gave the spinoff they proposed. Merch bearing the Wayward Daughters name was designed and sold, Rhodes and Buckmaster joined in on the action, and the idea gained momentum between Twitter, Tumblr, and fan conventions; but it was always that: a dream.

Until now.

Deadline reported that an episode in season 13 of Supernatural would serve as a backdoor pilot for a new show starring Rhodes called Wayward Sisters and the fandom went nuts.


I won’t lie, I got a little choked up. I hope they do it right, and that they honor the spirit on which the Wayward Daughters movement was founded. Wayward Daughters was about more than letting women live in the Supernatural universe. It’s about respecting our inner BAMFness, creating a family among the friends we find along the path of life, and finding within ourselves a way to be proud, joyous, kind, loving, and yes, Wayward AF.

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The choice to call the show Wayward Sisters instead of Wayward Daughters is both interesting and understandable. Though Alex and Claire were both minors when they were sent to live with Jody they are now adults, and the change from “Daughters” to “Sisters” acknowledges that there is a more even footing among the characters as peers in the hunting community and, yes, as sisters in arms. It also paves the path for what would hopefully be an expanded universe that wouldn’t rest strictly on the dynamic between the core characters, and the possibility that if there IS an expanded central cast, that they won’t strictly be cis or heterosexual or white.

I have high hopes, but I want to see ALL my sisters represented. Supernatural has a problem with representation, and I really hope the powers behind Wayward Sisters hear their fans and give us a show with a cast and characters as diverse as we’ve been asking for. This show has a fandom built and ready to support it, but not at the expense of inclusivity. Notably, within minutes of the announcement by Deadline, and Rhodes’s subsequent confirmation of Wayward Sisters, fans who are people of color, queer fans, trans fans, fans with disabilities, and on, took to Twitter to express their hesitant joy, citing their fear that even in this they might not see themselves represented. Given both the television industry’s record and that of the Supernatural team (of which four members will be executive producing Wayward Sisters, and are all white men), their fears are not unfounded.

The fandom’s unwavering love and fervor made the show happen, and ultimately it’s up to the showrunners to prove that their respect and love for the fandom, in all of its glorious intersectionality, will shine through.

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But seriously. WE DID THIS, SPN FAMILY!!