While we didn’t get an actual trailer for Season 4, we did get a fun behind the scenes look at the currently-in-production series that the cast took a break from filming to come to SDCC. According to the cast they’re currently recording somewhere around episode five, and while no official premiere date outside of “2019” was given, they’re on track with last year’s production schedule and we expect a January release date similar to the prior seasons, meaning season 3 should hit Netflix in December (typically dropping a month before the new season airs).

The Magicians fame has grown substantially, thanks in large part tonits addition on streaming platforms (we deduce this based on growing social media presence and fan group sizes despite reported initial live views remaining consistent with prior seasons). Further evidence of the series’ growing popularity is Syfy’s active promotion the series, as directly seen in their presence at Comic Con!

The magicians train sdcc

The Magicians Train SDCC – Photo by Michelle Coyle Ultreras (w/ permission)

If you aren’t part of The Magicians TV Show on Syfy dan page or at least the r/brakebills subreddit we encourage you to let your fingers do the walking because the community is out here waiting for you!


The panel itself was full of laughs and mostly done Q&A style, with series guest Felicia Day moderating. While we don’t have video of the actual panel, the official Magicians Syfy twitter livetweeted a majority of the best moments, and you can read them all here.


The majority of topics were the cast professing their love for each other, with Hale fawning over Summer and their bond and how it makes interacting with her character in season 4 bittersweet, to how they practice their quippier scenes, and adoration for her brand of humour.

Felicia Day Magicians panel sdcc 2018

Felocoa Day at The Magicians Panel SDCC 2018 – Via @TheMagiciansSYFY official twitter

Jason Ralph received a lot of love too, with Felicia Day saying the cast’s relationship and flow with their characters was noteworthy and,specifically that working sith Jason made her a better actor. And the million dollar question came up a few times during SDCC: Poppy will *probably* be returning in season 4!

Olivia taylor dudley alice the magicians panel sdcc 2018

Olivia Taylor Dudley at The Magicians panel SDCC 2018 – Via @MagiciansSYFY official twitter

Olivia Taylor Dudley had a lot to say about Alice, going so far as agreeing with most fans that Niffin Alice is best Alice, but that she will be playing Alice more closely to season 1’s tone — which worries us slightly (as well as other fans as seen in the tweets above), but we have to trust her that Alice will make a comeback. The best part? She wants Quentin and Alice back together as much as I do, but she even referenced the Queliot bond as something she doesn’t want to come in the way of– luckily we’ve seen that Quentin can have it both ways.