Hello, and welcome to this week’s installment of The Resident! Let’s go ahead and dive right in. Gordon Page of QuoVadis is trying to make Dr. Bell use his product as standard equipment. Bell asks for a 40% discount on the product but after some deliberation, takes 25% discount and becoming an opinion leader for QuoVadis with perks like speaking at conferences in Cabo.

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Jasper and Henry are patients from Conrad’s past, two brothers adopted by a woman named Zoey. Henry was the reason for the visits- A potentially broken wrist from a tumble down the stairs, but Jasper is the one Conrad is most concerned for. He had cancer when he was younger, and with his cough, swollen nodes, slight fever and bruising, Hawkins is worried it is coming back. After blood work, it’s obvious not only has cancer returned- it returned with such a vengeance it is nearly untreatable. His pediatric gives him a month, maybe 2 tops before he passes away, and any treatment would do more harm than good. Knowing the family, Conrad decides he will be the one to tell the mother. Zoey is obviously upset, but Conrad talks to her, explaining he shouldn’t suffer in his last days.

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The team decides to have a surprise party for Jasper, as he wants to be a cop. I will not lie- Detective Mina is a character I want constantly in the series. Anyways, they make it so Jasper has to find a criminal using evidence they find around and exploring the hospital. Irving is the criminal named Germ, stealing all the band-aids and the gloves. You can tell all the doctors and nurses are really into helping Jasper find the criminal. I will not lie- I kinda hoped they would accidentally shock Irving. Even the patients clap as ‘The Germ’ is arrested. It has been a long day, and as the night falls, so does Jasper. Conrad realizes there is nothing they can do to save him as his brain is bleeding. He lets them say their goodbye. They are gone the next day before Conrad can say goodbye.

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Bradley, the doctor who got burned out the first season and tried to jump off the roof, is back, a civilian now, needing a heart valve transplant. He is in Medical Marketing now, and now making quite a bit more money, and enjoying his job. After a bit, Julian walks in and Devon and her talk a bit. After they leave, Mina and Bradley talk and Bradley thinks they are an item, which Mina clears up. Devon and Julian seem to be getting closer, showing him videos of her dancing as a kid, showing her his medical app design. I don’t think Devon will cheat on his finance, but I do think Julian is going to make a move at some point and kiss Devon.

Mina is working with Dr. Kit Voss, who till makes ortho surgery look like a mosh pit in a concert. AJ, though, runs his like a conductor in front of an orchestra. Still, as they find their normal equipment replaced by QuoVadis parts, they book it to Dr. Bell, who was booking his Cado flight. Even though both have vastly different approaches to work and beliefs, but are both against Bell’s decision to switch equipment without informing doctors. AJ has a cyst below the ulna that ruptures, pausing the conversation but later Voss and AJ decide to talk to the patients. If they can get the patients to ask for the older equipment. I love how AJ just tries to strong arm Bradley into agreeing while Dr. Voss tells her patient up front.

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Bradley is set on QuoVadis, and Julian explains to AJ his patient is willing to transfer to Atlanta General and have the surgery done by Dr. Abe Benedict. AJ explains that is his mentor, the one who steadfast on the original device. He finds his old mentor, and they talk. True to her word, Abe really did switch to QuoVadis. Dr. Voss also has to use the QuoVadis part, a screw, only because her patient took a turn for the worse, and they cannot get her patient the part in time. Both procedures go well, with no complications, but Kit and AJ still has their reservation. It seems that AJ’s mentor Dr. Benedict is also an Opinion Leader for QuoVadis, having similar perks to Dr. Bell. Gordon seems to be buying up the top opinionated members of the surgical field to get his product out to the general population.

I sense a lot of plot development coming out in this episode- Gordon buying off key players, AJ with a Cyst in his arm, the tension between Julian and Devon, and how Conrad will react to losing a young patient. Will Dr. Bell figure out Gordon’s agenda? How will Cabo be? We will find out next week, but until then, tata for now, and Stay Shiny!!