Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 3 To Witch Hell And Back

Midnight Texas
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Bobo and Fiji are very much in love but every time they have sex something bad happens and almost kills Bobo. Fiji is determined to find out what is wrong and fix it.

Manny snuck into Crystal Desert to find out what is up with Kai and his powers. He found a severed head in a birdcage and when he touched it was blown across the room. The last episode Kai took the vampire out of a newly made vampire. Still, Manny and Olivia don’t trust either Kai or Patience.

Midnight Texas
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Fiji asks Manny for help after she performs a spell for him to find out if Patience is trustworthy. It turns out that Fiji’s Aunt Mildred is in Witch Hell and for Fiji to be to talk to her Manny must literally and physically trade places with Aunt Mildred.

There is a new development with the Rev. We get to see some of his past.

Midnight, Texas
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Can Fiji save Bobo? What are Patience and Kai up to?

Watch Midnight Texas Friday’s on NBC. Till next week…


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