This show has been a journey. Every minute, every scene, it grows, it adapts…and it is about to leave us for a month. Don’t worry. Monday, January 8th at 10/9c, we will have it return to us. If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to the series, we at The Game of Nerds will also be doing reviews for the Korean version of The Good Doctor and will compare and contrast the two series. For now though, let’s talk about the episode.

gd 10.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

What an episode to have right before the holiday break. In the past weeks (ever since a gun was pointed at him) Shaun has been acting weirder and weirder. He seems unbalanced. Snappy. In a prior episode, he took a Mr. Potato Head from a child, stating it was put on incorrectly. Subsequently, it shows him fighting with Dr. Glassman (who wants to get Shaun a life coach). Shaun is refusing, avoiding it. Unsure if it’s because he’s still trying to wrap his mind around what happened or (in my opinion) perhaps the police called his parents to tell them about the incident. We all know Shaun had a rocky past with his father and probably hasn’t told them where he has been. I wonder if Shaun’s father has called or showed up at his apartment. That could be why he’s also avoiding his apartment too.

Claire has a case with a new doctor overseeing her. At first, he seems friendly, but after a bit, we realize Dr. Coyle is a super creep. He keeps flirting with the female staff and makes advances towards Claire. Claire tries to trade with Jared and Shaun, mentioning how Coyle seems over friendly. Both blow her off, thinking she is overreacting. When she returns to her patient, they have a heart-to-heart. The patient confesses the reason she pushed too hard and injured herself was because she was trying to improve her looks to further her career. This is a hot topic as of late, women trying to do as much as possible in a man’s world. Too many times while working in the service industry, I have been called sweety, girl, etc. Sometimes when they say “Hey girl,” I want to respond with “Hey boy.” I know if I did this, they would be instantly defensive, even offended. It’s the cost of being a woman in male-dominated spaces.

gd 10.5

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

While Claire is dealing with a handsy doctor, Shaun and Jared are working on a high profile case with a pro video gamer with a torn ligament. Shaun asks if he is high profile because he is a pro athlete or because he has money; Dr. Andrews and Melendez respond at the same time with “Both.” Now, some may like the kid, but the patient is so arrogant, I really wished his issues were more complex than a few torn ligaments. He keeps giving Shaun advice, which keeps stressing him out more. The problem is Melendez respects Shaun and listens to his ideas but the ideas he spouted off, Shaun didn’t support. Definitely another hint he is unbalanced as of late. Jared and Melendez share a look, as if both are concerned. The subtle looks and eyebrow arches are nice; it’s a strong addition to the characters.

It turns out my wish came true. The patient, Bobby Ato, has cancer in his arm and brainstem. He never mentioned his cancer before, otherwise his treatment would have been different and more thorough. The arm could take surgery but the tumor on the brainstem is inoperable. While this is going on, Glassman and Shaun are fighting, as Shaun is willing to sacrifice going home to avoid the life coach. It was at this point, Glassman realizes he can perform surgery on Bobby, but it will affect his left side. He can no longer be a pro gamer. But he will live. He signs.

gd 10.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Claire talks with Jared who advises her to go to HR and report Coyle. She laughs, saying how the person she is sleeping with didn’t believe her until now, what would 3 men say? It’s a situation many girls come across, wondering if they are overreacting. Should they say something? What if they change it around and blame us? Sadly, Jared takes matters into his own hands, and confronts Coyle. In the final scene-after Claire decides to talk with Andrews-she hears Coyle reported Jared for threatening him. We see the two in the locker room and Jared says he’s been fired.

gd 10.4

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

The episode winds down by winding Shaun up. Glassman is sitting by the exit and plans on taking Shaun to meet with the therapist. Shaun refuses, saying “No!” over and over again, grabbing at his hair, hitting his head. Glassman tries to settle him down and ends up getting hit across the face. Shaun takes off running. In the final scene of the episode, we watch as Glassman enters Shaun’s apartment, notices a photo and some clothes missing. Shaun has run away.

Wow. WHAT A WAY TO END THE YEAR, HUH? SERIOUSLY? YOU GONNA LEAVE US LIKE THAT?!? Gah, it’s been a great 10 episodes and I am so excited for what the new year will hold. I am hoping the Korean version (which this series is inspired by) is just as good. I hope the next few episodes of the American drama will not be this series’ last, because it is good. It is so good and I cannot fathom it not continuing. I also am not sure where else it can go. Where did Shaun run off to? I really hope it’s back to the broom closet! Will Melendez find out Shaun’s history? Will Jared get his job back? So many questions. Hopefully we can wait patiently until January 8th. Until then, stay shiny, have a safe and wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Case Review

Sadly, these cases were very straight forward. So it’s gonna be a little short. Sorry.

In both cases, a muscle was injured. The thing most people do not understand is to gain muscle mass and become stronger, you actually need to cause little tears in your muscles. Over-exerting yourself can cause these tears to become rips (like with Bobby) or so many little tears your body reacts and causes inflammation and swelling. The process of tearing/healing/tearing again is what creates stronger muscle structures but you must do it slowly, patiently. The muscles attach to the bone through tendons and ligaments.

Sometimes, the ligament or tendons will tear instead of the muscle. It can be a bit harder to repair a torn tendon because unlike muscles, they aren’t really meant to tear. They are like rubber bands, constantly pulled taut. When they are torn, they often elastic back into the structure of the muscle and the bones attached become useless. The most known tendon is the Achilles tendon. It’s attached to your heel and is what makes your whole foot work. It’s also the biggest one, and if cut, kinda rolls up in your calf. Not sure who taught me that one, but to repair is difficult, as a weak attachment point will lead to re-injury and loss of function. The body also needs to relearn how to work the tendon, to make lower parts move. It’s why they have physical therapy afterwards.

With cancer, many people know that even if you are cured, there is a chance for recurrence. Cells can be hidden, redevelop and often, cancer patients return while in remission. Bobby only had cancer 3 years ago and regular check ups would have caught the cancer early. Instead, he put his goals first and ignored his health, which is not the best of ideas. Because of this, he might lose access to the left side of his body because of the tumor on his brain stem. Always get treated. It might be scary, but life is worth living.

Like I said, it’s a short one, but until next year, stay shiny!