Hey. Do you have a project that you have to get done on the computer? It’s likely you do. You’re a nerd. And there’s a really good way to help you concentrate while you work on that task: music. Specifically, instrumental music.

Music without words has the ability to ensnare us into certain kinds of work and get more done without our notice. It can be any genre, so long as it boosts your productivity. That may mean you need to put on different kinds of music depending on the task. Try not to overthink your choices, though. As nerds, our mental catalogue of instrumentals reaches incredible bounds. We can think up all sorts of material that counts, from movie scores to nature sounds to the theme song of a TV show ripped of its lyrics. Soundtracks and video game music are especially good because they’re designed to keep you immersed. I recall countless instances of pulling up soundtracks and finding the time passed in a blink with a volume of work done. There’s some magic in those listenin’ tunes.

If you’ve got a mountain of work that needs you to concentrate, plug in some instrumentals. They’ll help.