Photo source: Universal Pictures

Start the countdown, musical fans, because the long-awaited sequel of the heartwarming and upbeat musical comedy “Mamma Mia” is set to be released July 2018, just 6 more months from now!

Check out the first trailer for the sequel now:

Unlike the first movie, which was based on a musical written around the music of ABBA, the sequel appears to have an all-knew plot surrounding Sophie and her first pregnancy, as she learns more about her mother’s past.

Surprisingly absent from a majority of the trailer is Meryl Streep, although she is credited as having a role in the film, reprising the role of Donna, who will also be portrayed in younger form by Lily James.

Additionally, the role of Sophie’s grandmother/Donna’s mother, will be taken on by the one and only Cher, and based on her brief appearance in the trailer, she looks classy and sassy as ever!

Of course, ABBA music will continue to be featured. It appears as though many of the hits, made famous by the first musical/film, will be reused in new context for the sequel.

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