Dolphins and flame are set to appear on Ruby and Sapphire’s invitations. Thanks to Steven, they’re educated on how to plan their wedding via a book he’s constructed a long while ago. The gang begins the setup for the wedding ceremony the next day.


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Sapphire misses all the Crystal Gems they lost in the war who aren’t able to attend the ceremony. Steven seems to want to help bring up the attendees for Garnet’s wedding, and heads to the Bubble room to let Bismuth out.

I love that when Bismuth’s bubble is popped, and she says Rose….no Steven. He replies, “there’s a third option now” with a nervous look on his face. Considering the last time the two spoke, he has a right to be nervous around Bismuth.

Bismuth, not realizing that her friends were bubbled due to corruption, sets Biggs free, hoping they could help her free the others from their bubbles. Here we see a nice throwback to the “Gem Hunt episode”, as Biggs is corrupted into the monster we see Jasper trying to manipulate. Bismuth eventually wrestles Biggs and puts her back into a bubble. Afterwards, Steven catches Bismuth up on Pink Diamond’s true story.

I can completely relate to Bismuth’s reaction, because I would have put my head into a vat of lava and screamed upon hearing that Rose was Pink Diamond all along as well.

Bismuth points out that Steven is the true leader of the Crystal Gems. He was the one who helped the group mend fences after discovering the truth about Pink Diamond. Steven also reminded Bismuth that she would be welcomed back into the fold, and that he wanted her there.

“Did you Bismuth me?”

Bismuth returns to the house and is greeted warmly by Pearl, Sapphire and Ruby. Peridot is offended she wasn’t formally introduced to Bismuth, but Amethyst reminds her to give Bismuth and the rest some space. Bismuth shows off the rings she made per Steven’s suggestion, which Ruby and Sapphire appreciate greatly. And that’s it, the episode is finished.


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