Will & Grace – Friends & Lover

Will & Grace - Season 1
Courtesy NBC Universal

Will & Grace both date the same man to prove that they’re cool and hip and not stuck in a rut.

One night, they can’t find anything on TV and Jack comes in and makes fun of them so they feel bitter and decide that they need to prove that they’re still young and definitely not pushing fifty.

They take a bread making class together taught by Megan Mullally’s IRL husband, Nick Offerman. He plays a celebrity chef who has a real sexual energy and sleeps with everyone in his classes.

He makes suggestive comments to both Will & Grace, when the other one isn’t around. He says he’d like to spend time with them and know them, and that he does. Jackson Boudreaux spends the next few days dating both Will & Grace and they never realize that they are sleeping with the same man until one morning they ALL run into each other in the apartment.

Will & Grace - Season 1
Courtesy NBC Universal

In a way, it was probably inevitable that these two end up in a polyamorous relationship, but they are not feeling it at all. Jackson is like DUH I’ve been dating both of you and he invites them over to his place for a 2am party. When they get there, they are the only guests. Jackson gives them so snake-venom bread (sure…) and toasts to their collective love, saying he’ll wait for them in the bedroom.

They slowly make it all the way to the room, all the while taunting each other to get the other to back down. The final straw is when Jackson suggest THEY begin the evening with each other. That makes W&G run for the hills.

Jackson then ends up in the hospital, because it turns out snake venom is poisonous in all quantities so you should not put it in your bread. He gets wheeled next to Karen & Jack, who are there because of a weird B Plot where a jingle got stuck in their head. He cosies up to Karen & tells her that he’d like to know her, to which she replies: “so not my type.”

Will & Grace - Season 1
Courtesy NBC Universal

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