Flash Season 6 SDCC 1

A mysterious figure waiting to give Flash a hard time. Photo taken directly from the trailer via screenshot.

With San Diego Comic-Con having just closed out, there’s a lot of news and announcements to sort through.  Lucky for The Flash fans out there, we’ve compiled a bullet point list of all the new information that was announced at their Ballroom 20 panel on Saturday:

  • One of the first things touched upon was the villain of the season.  Sendhil Ramamurthy was announced to be playing Bloodwork, the new big bad of the season.  He will be introduced as an old acquaintance of Dr. Snow, and was promised to make for a compelling big bad, and is described as being a very different type of villain. Bloodwork will only play as the villain for the first half of the season, with the second half of the season having its own self-contained big bad. There is no definitive word on when we might see Thawne come into the picture again. 
  • Cavanaugh will once again play another persona in the guise of Pariah, a new character that is part of the big Crisis crossover. Pariah was said to be a key part in releasing the Anti-Monitor onto the universe. Cavanaugh will also be playing another new Wells persona on top of that in Season 6.
  • Grant Gustin believes that the show feels more adult and mature. There was also mention of Wally West returning to the show to team up against a major villain. 
  • Cisco’s ramifications from taking the cure will play out over the course of the season, for better or worse.  They wanted to show that Cisco still has plenty to offer the team. Carlos Valdes also made sure to reassure the audience that he is not leaving the show despite all of the rumors. 
  • A big focus and theme of the season will be how Barry and Iris deal with the loss of Nora, and the potential imminent possibility of Barry dying in the Crisis.
  • When it comes to Killer Frost, we will see a lot more of her this season. Danielle Panabaker will also be directing an episode again this season. As for Ralph, there were teases of the show finally touching upon Sue (from the comics), as well as digging into his family history.

They also dropped a brand new trailer for the season, which you can catch below!