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One of Anita’s best friends is Jason Schuyler he is also sometimes her lover. He is one of the only people who can tell her the truth or give her bad news without her biting his head off. Though I must say she has improved over the years. Anyway, Jason has a girlfriend named JJ who is a dancer in one of the best ballet companies in New York. Neither Jason nor JJ wants to be monogamous because each other has needs the other can’t meet. Jason likes very rough sex which JJ doesn’t like or want and JJ is very bisexual and wants to be with women as well as with Jason. On top of that Anita is having problems with her first and only female lover, Jade.

There really isn’t explaining to someone what you like, desire or need if they can’t wrap their mind around it. So Jason, Nathaniel, Envy, Domino and a very reluctant Anita come up with a plan to show JJ what it is that Jason needs. At the same time, JJ is going to teach Anita how to better please a woman hoping that it will help improve the relationship between Jade and Anita. Unfortunately Anita feels that while it may satisfy Jade better, they have fundamental differences of what they want from the relationship.

The solution that they come up with is to have JJ watch Anita have sex with Jason. They will be rough with each other to show her what he likes. JJ will be there and Nathaniel will be present as well. Next on the agenda is teaching Anita to please a woman so JJ demonstrates on an extremely reluctant Jade though she did agree to it as long as Domino was there and Nathaniel was tied to the bed.

Will Jade and Anita overcome their fundamental differences and stay together? Will Jason and JJ be able to stay together? Read the book and let me know what you think in the comments below. Till next week…