The 5 night “Heart of the Crystal Gems” event began this past Monday. Garnet unfuses at the news of Pink Diamond. We see Sapphire run away after receiving the news that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond. Ruby seems disheartened as Sapphire ran into the warp.

Pearl feels bad that her not being able to tell anyone about Rose’s true identity. Pearl and Steven travel to the garden, following Sapphire’s icy path to speak with her. Pearl decides to reveal to Sapphire the truth about Rose Quartz’s origin story.

She speaks of the days that she was first assigned to Pink Diamond, as they confer on the Moon Base. Pink is endlessly bored with the logistics of running the Earth colony. When Pink reveals that the Quartz are beginning to emerge at the Kindergarden.

They use the orb to view the progress, as Pearl offers a glimpse of Pink hanging with the Amethysts. She proposes that Pink disguise herself as a Quartz soldier. And this is the first time that Pink Diamond assumes the identity of Rose Quartz.

Pink in the Kindergarden

Created by Blair – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

8XM – our Amethyst is mentioned, as Amethyst was left behind. She hadn’t emerged yet.

Pearl explains how she gave Pink Diamond a tour of Earth’s other places before they returned to the base. She explained that Pink Diamond advocated for the invasion of Earth to stop. Yellow and Blue Diamond insisted that Pink continue as planned. When she refused, they placed a small population of humans in the zoo.

So now we know this wasn’t Pink’s doing. The zoo was Yellow and Blue’s way of preserving some humans’ lives while also furthering the invasion of Earth.

Pearl mentioned that Rose and her running into Garnet changed things. Pink Diamond decided to become Rose Quartz and rally against Homeworld because of the existance of fusions like Garnet. She wanted every gem, human and other creature on Earth to have a chance to thrive.

When Sapphire, Pearl and Steven return to the house, Sapphire discovers a note from Ruby. It seems she’s left suddenly, and Sapphire is quite worried.