Taboo – Episode 8

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This finale. Le whoa.

Some observations I had while watching the “Taboo” season finale:

-Lorna Bow is a ride or die

-The Tower of London looks absolutely disgusting

-What kind of hoodoo did James do to give himself a seizure?

-The Prince Regent is just soooo…gross

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-I’m pleased Helga learned the truth about Winter’s murder

-Dumbarton was a conniving double agent…but (see below)

-Delaney has murdered folks in some interesting ways-bye Dumbarton

-I do not like the fact Delaney and Gordon messed Mr. Chichester’s case

-Is Zilpha dead? Did she actually commit suicide?

Source: Tumblr

-Zilpha might be dead

-Prince Regent is BIG mad

-Mr. Chichester got his testimony after all. Big up Delaney


-Delaney got his ship…and kept his powder

-Sir Stuart Strange and the EIC go BOOM

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-In the words of Neil Diamond, “They’re coming to Americaaaaa”

Taboo gave us a very satisfying finale. Rest up, gird yourself and join TGON next season for more Tom Hardy craziness.


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