I have some exciting news, well exciting for me that is. I have been able to get myself into this years San Diego Comic Con! This has always been a bucket list item so I’m very excited, this year has had some changes, so I’ll be lucky in a way that I’ll be learning my first comic con while many people are learning a brand new system. This is the first year that a lot of things will be via lottery, that makes things hard so far, I haven’t been able to really make an announcement on what I’ll be doing because I still don’t know my full schedule until the 13th. But what do I know so far that I’ll be doing or trying to do?

I’m coming in Wednesday, I have no plans so I plan to just explore the area and have some fun and talk to locals and other fans alike. On Thursday morning at 10 am I was able to win one lottery for a Mondo print, this print is a culmination of Marvel. I’m not a huge Marvel lover, as many of you probably know, but I have a friend who already is going to get this.

Friday the speculation is that the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will have panels hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown. If I don’t win any have to attend lotteries I plan to be planted for both of those panels. Rumors Fear in the morning with Walking Dead in the afternoon.


The Walking Dead put out a little teaser photo ahead of the new season. Looks like a fast forward, and a new local in Washington DC. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

The Walking Dead’s photo can lead to speculation of course. With Rick’s clean cut and multi colored beard you can assume that time has lapsed and he doesn’t have to worry about to much to have time for grooming. It’s nice to see Carol out of the Kingdom gear and looks to be stable. Maggie shows no signs of a baby bump and longer hair so we can guess they just totally bypassed her showing her pregnancy in any way shape or form. Michonne and Daryl, look like normal Michonne and Daryl.

In the background we assume what is Washington DC’s capital in ruins, they finally make it to DC! Eugene can save the world, ha just kidding. We also see the mysterious helicopter that was present during Jadis and Negan’s interaction. Perhaps Jadis is behind the adventure to the capital.


Fear the Walking Dead sure has reset the deck. Morgan appears to take the center stage as the largest figure. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead has a storm coming. At first I have to say this sort of reminds me of something I would see on Z-Nation, which you know what, that isn’t a bad thing at all. I’m interested to see how one of the shows tackle a real viable problem in crazy unpredictable weather. I think this makes for a nice change of the regular show, and I’m pleased, and not shocked, to see Morgan appear to take the new lead character as having the biggest presence on this photo.

Friday night I get to partake in my first Funko Fundays! I’m extremely excited for this. I am a Funko collector and glad to make it to the Funko party of all parties. I was lucky enough, like with San Diego Comic Con itself, lucky enough to partake to the help of a great friend getting a ticket for me. This years theme is 1980s prom AND this is the first year it will be live streamed on the internet. If you want to see what the teaser video is you can check it out here, Fundays 2018 Theme Reveal
I will be looking for an outfit to dress up and I can’t wait to see what all the fun is going to be about!

Outside of that, I don’t know what I’ll be doing, I’ll be leaving Sunday morning, which in hindsight is a mistake, but right now I can enjoy the con for what it is, my scheduled will, hopefully, fill up from winning some lotteries for merchandise and autographs! If you are at SDCC I sure hope to see you!