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ASOUE: Season 2, Episode 10 (The Carnivorous Carnival) Part 2

ASOUE: Season 2, Episode 10 (The Carnivorous Carnival) Part 2

The season 2 finally of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, does not disappoint! The episode begins with Lemony Snicket standing on the burnt remains of Calgari Carnival. We then see the Baudelaire children talking to Olivia the Librarian, who’s just removed her Madame LuLu disguise. She shows the children a map and tells them if one of their parents survived the fire, they would be at the VFD headquarters.

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Violet devises a plan to fix the coaster karts so they can use one to get to the VFD, but she needs time. Together, Olivia and the children make a plan to sneak away from the carnival in the morning and make their way to the VFD, but their conversation is interrupted when Olaf arrives back at the carnival with a large crowd of people. On the way out of Olivia’s tent, Violet drops the Heimlich Hospital bracelet on the floor.

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Olaf informs the crowd he has filled the pit with starving lions and in the morning, he will choose one freak from the circus to be fed to the ferocious felines. While Olaf is entertaining the crowd, Violet sees the giant noodle Esme has been using as a whip and realizes she can use the rubbery noodle to fix the roller coaster. Later that night, Esme gathers the freaks and offers them a chance to join Olaf’s troop, but first…they have to commit a murder.

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The jealous Esme tells the freaks to join Olaf’s troop, all they have to do is push Madame LuLu in the lions pit. When Esme walks away, Sunny sneaks the giant noodle from her belt loop and later that night the Baudelaire’s sneak out to fix the coaster kart. Meanwhile, Madame LuLu distracts Olaf in her tent where he finds the hospital bracelet. When asked, Olivia says she went to the hospital for a checkup.

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Before Olivia, Klaus, Violet and Sunny can make their escape, they are intercepted by Olaf who herds them into the big top. Olaf announces that it’s time for one of the freaks to be fed to the lions and decides to draw a name from a box. Violet and Klaus, who are still disguised as the two-headed freak, are selected and ushered to the edge of the lions pit.

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Violet and Klaus convince Olaf that it would be more entertaining if he were the one to pushed them into the pit instead, but he refuses and Esme tries to force Olivia to push them into the pit. While they’re trying to stall, a huge fight breaks out inside the tent when Olaf offers everyone a huge reward to anyone who will push them in. Olivia, knowing they are closing in, pushes the children to safety sacrificing herself when Olaf causes her to fall into the pit of hungry lions.

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Olaf finds the Baudelaire’s in Madame LuLu’s tent and takes the map that leads to the VFD headquarters. Olaf offers the Baudelaire’s (still disguised as freaks) a position in his troop, but first he demands they set LuLu’s tent on fire. To make sure the “freaks” do as instructed, Esme and Olaf take Sunny to the car with them.

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The Baudelaire’s have no choice but to leave the burning carnival by once again riding with Olaf’s troop. They ride in a caravan being towed by Olaf’s car, while the other freaks ride in the trunk. Olaf, who has already realized the Baudelaire’s were disguised, convinces the other freaks to cut the rope to the caravan in hopes Violet and Klaus will fall to their deaths. After Olaf drives away with Sunny, we don’t see what has become of Violet and Klaus. However, we do see the mysterious woman who has the sugar bowl.

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The season ends with the fate of the Baudelaire’s hanging in the balance. Not to mention, the mysterious woman who was the previous Madame LuLu and why does she have the sugar bowl!? Stay tuned next season for more misfortune in the lives of the Buadelaire orphans.

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