The difted

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The premise of this show is that mutants are feared and therefore locked away in a secure area. Not only are the X-Men fighting for justice so are other collections of mutants. All they want is to be accepted and live peacefully. Jepth Loeb said that if he had to put the X-Men into one word it would be tolerance.  To remind you of something about season 1, Eclipse got Lorna Dane pregnant and that baby is DEFINITELY a mutant. Lorna is afraid of giving birth because labor and birth is different for mutants. Plus she can control metal. Fans everywhere are super excited for the second season of The Gifted as we see the Hellfire Club and possibly other groups coming! Check out the trailer below at let us know what you are more excited about for this season of The Gifted in the comments!

The Gifted returns to Fox on September 25th!