Well it has been a roundabout journey but finally the wait does not need to be continued. David Productions announced the adaptation of the next part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Part 5, given the anime title of Golden Wind, took exactly 546 days to announce after the conclusion of Part 4. The announcement was going on long enough that people were starting to worry that it would not be done.

But it will arrive in October and it will be fabulous. The fandom has exploded in jubilation at the announcement.

Gone is the over the top muscle men and filling its place now is over the top fashion. Like all previous parts of Jojo, Part 5 involves the latest Jojo (though actually GioGio as he is Italian and J does not natively exits in the Italian language) gathering together a collection of friends and associates in order to take down and over the top villain. Of these friends and associates Part 5 truly has some gems, especially Bruno. And of course there are the Stand battles, fights against people with absurd powers and having to work through them not by strength but by figuring out their opponents weakness and exploiting them. As someone who has read the manga, Part 5 has some great ones.

So get your pose on and wait till October!