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“Rose Quartz, was actually PINK DIAMOND?”

Amythest opens the new promo for Steven Universe’s summer arc, entitled “Steven Universe: Heart of the Crystal Gems”. It’s obvious here that Sapphire and Ruby unfusing as Garnet is worrisome, especially as Sapphire suddenly portals away from the rest of the Crystal Gems, looking visably upset.

When you discover someone you thought you could trust with your life was actually lying to you the entire time, I would run away too. But the fact that Sapphire takes responsibility for being unable to discern that Rose had been duping all of the Crystal Gems during the Rebellion…that’s a lot to put on a Gem’s shoulder’s, even Sapphire’s.

Without the support of Ruby to steady her, Sapphire seems to have no qualms in blaming her loved one for not knowing what was happening. Ruby didn’t seem too put off, though, as she declares in the same promo that “I see my future now, and it’s nothing but Ruby.”

Uh oh.

Garnet is as the event proclaims, the “Heart of the Crystal Gems.” Having the current leader in dire straights, seperated, not speaking to each other can’t help patch together the remains of the Crystal Gems following the Pink Diamond reveal.


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What’s cool though is that we finally check in with Greg. For a few moments, we see Steven worried that Garnet may never exist again, and Greg has his supportive dad face on. Perhaps he learns about the Pink Diamond reveal here and wants to support his son? Or could he have known all this time, like Pearl, that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond…?


All these questions and more will hopefully be answered as Steven Universe returns on Monday July 2nd at the regular airtime, 7:30pm eastern, 8:30 central.