Hello hello, and welcome back to our Daily Dose, our blast from the past. A review of my favorite series, Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoy re-watching it. Have a series you want me to watch, or rewatch? I’m down to see most anything. On with the review;


kh 2.4

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Stegman starts the show off with a car alarm, only for the maintenance man to kick it, stopping the beep, and entertaining the crowd across the street. He doesn’t witness this, of course, too busy complaining to Dr. James about Hook’s choice to go over Stegman’s head for a MRI. Dr. James does not seem to care, merely rambling about Operation: Morning Air. He knows Hook is a great doctor, but demands consequences. Dr. James doesn’t respond, only ranting more and more about Morning Air.

On the flip side, the man who hit Peter is not doing so well. Patched up, stumbling around on the roof, and a sheriff pulls up. Not good. He ends up taking a nose dive off the roof. One thing I enjoy about the series is the dogs also have talking roles, sometimes. Our favorite paramedics are back at it, trying to save the one who put Peter in the hospital. Ollie ends up grabbing

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a soda for Danny, only to be approached by a random man, presumably a doctor, asking where the children are. Back with Peter and his roomie/almost murderer, we finally get to see Antibus at work. I am sorry, but this character is my absolute favorite personification of death. He tears the medical machines keeping him alive, effectively killing the man who almost killed Peter. Gotta love karma.

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Natalie and Dr. Hook get to have a decently long conversation about Peter, even though he can see them through his eyelids and hear what they are saying. I absolutely love how the Doc has his fly unzipped. Luckily, or unluckily, Stegman pops in to ruin the conversation, telling him he is going to go and discharge Sally. Sally is going to hold a seance for the terminally ill, though she does hope to be visited by a little girl. During the seance, she begins to mention a man lost in his inner darkness, who means Sally harm. Dr. Stegman bursts in, breaking up the seance. He is completely rude to her, calling her a parasite on the skin of the hospital, holding them from greatness. Probably everything he wanted to say all of this to Hook, but couldn’t.

Sally and Hook end up in the elevador, and they both hear a little girl crying. Hook knows they are not close to the pediatrics, so decides to get on the top of the elevador. He finds a doll, and then sees Mary holding onto the ropes, crying. And that’s the end of the episode. I hope to see you next week, but, as always, I hope you all stay Shiny!