Day one reveals was all about Animation. Day 2 was some Star Wars, DC, and a director which also was our first limited numbered sticker pop which means only available at the convention.


First reveals were Star Wars. We have Imperial Stormtrooper from Solo. We also have Cad Bane, from Clone Wars. Keep an eye out for Cad Bane at Hot Topic if early rumors are true. Photo Credit: Funko


DC came out like a wrecking ball today. We start with Killer Moth from Teen Titans Go. One would have thought this to be at Toys R Us but Im anxious to see where this goes. Justice League Running Flash is next. I honestly am not sure how this is running, unless it’s the look of the legs? This one has me stumped. Lastly and the most anticipated of this grouping is Red Hood. Red Hood has had a mini and many are excited to see this make an appearance. Photo Credit: Funko


Chrome all the things!!!! Chrome has been a hot item lately. From Batman, to Marvel characters, to the Flash. This Flash 3 pack, which has the same stance as “running flash” will be a hit even if you didn’t like the movie. Chromes sell and whatever store is lucky enough to get this won’t be sitting on inventory long. Photo Credit: Funko


First numbered SDCC exclusive! Director James Wan, who is best known for the Saw series and creating classic character Billy. Horror fans are sure to want to grab this one. Photo Credit: Funko