Anita Blake and Edward

Source: Marvel

It’s never a dull work day for Anita. She is in Washington State on the hunt for a serial were tiger killer who is killing were tigers across the country. She is teamed up again with Edward, Bernard and Olaf, all of which are using their Federal Marshall identities. The upside is that Anita and Edward know what group are killing the were tigers. The downside is they can’t share any of this information with the authorities they work with. To mention the Harlequin is a death sentence.

For centuries the Harlequin have been the law enforcers of the Vampire counsel. Their original jobs were to be body guards for the Mother of All Darkness. Half of the Harlequin broke off and went back to guarding and taking orders from Marmee Noir. As of right now her orders are to kill all were tigers. It occurs to Edward that the purpose of the killing spree is to get Anita away from her power base. Edward bets that Marmee Noir is doing this to either kill Anita or to have better access to her body.

Eventually Anita, Olaf, Bernardo, Lisandro and Ethan are kidnapped. Their captors cut off one of Ethan’s fingers and almost choked Bernardo to death. Turns out Edward was right, the Mother of All Darkness is definitely trying to separate Anita. One thing that Anita has learned about Marmee Noir is she doesn’t understand love. When Mommy Dearest separates Anita she forces Anita to drop her psychic shields. Mommy Dearest is unprepared for what Anita shows her.

What does Marmee Noir find? Does Anita finally kill her once and for all? Read the book and let me know what you think in the comments below. See you next week!