For many gamers, video games offer a link to the past reminding them of their childhood. Orogenesis gives its own twist to a timeless classic this turn-based dungeon crawler effortlessly combines the dynamics gamers know and love, with a story all their own. Overall, Orogenesis was made for gamers new and seasoned.

Orogenesis Kickstarter

Source: Orogenesis Kickstarter

I was instantly hit with the feeling I have been to this strange land before. The scenery within Orogenesis is reminiscent of early Pokémon games with the two-dimensional graphics and pale color scheme. Each character appears to be hand drawn which adds to the degree of care that went into handcrafting Orogenesis. This combined with the expertly orchestrated music, gets gamers in the mood to follow Dude on this seemingly spontaneous adventure.

Bedroom orogenesis

Source: Orogenesis

We meet our hero, Dude, as he awakes to the sound of his telephone ringing and finds his dear friend Tea on the other end. It appears that a strange man promises adventure and riches beyond their wildest dreams and Dude must get down to the pub as soon as possible. Reluctantly, Dude agrees to meet Tea and our journey begins. After catching his bearings and getting the lay of the land, he waltzes into the pub only to find Tea passed out of the floor. It is then that Tea realizes the big galoot, Pipe, stole his wallet and the chase is on! The duo races through the woods when suddenly Tea takes the lead and catches up to the thief. In the end, Tea and Pipe vanish into thin air and it is up to Dude to find them.

Witch Orogenesis

Source: Orogenesis

As I was galivanting all over the mysterious land, I found several key design aspects that tickled my fancy. Upon meeting Tea, I instantly thought of the beloved Korok from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. His pint-sized body is adorable, and I believe players will instantly fall in love with his charms. I also ran into a malevolent butcher who embodies a devilish Sweeny Todd. In the end, I found Orogenesis exciting and full of interesting characters.

Orogenesis Frog Man

Source: Orogenesis

While I wouldn’t recommend Orogenesis to younger players, due to alcohol use and slightly foul language, adults should visit Orogenesis’s Kickstarter and try out the demo.