Denver, Colo., June 12, 2018 — Over the past 5 years, Comic Cons have skyrocketed into popularity and crafted certain expectations in people’s minds — cosplayers, celebrity guests, exclusive panels. Denver Comic Con certainly delivers in these areas, and all in a stunning location. But Denver Comic Con also branches out in ways that other Cons have yet to attempt, whether in their special Con activities like the Pop Culture Classroom Kid’s Lab or their Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards. Even more so, Denver Comic Con has placed a special emphasis on books & authors, and the designated “Booktopia” is a special part of the convention that celebrates readers and writers alike. It is the site of the P.23 Literary Conference, where educators, scholars, and students can convene and share their latest literary projects. Denver Comic Con is also presented by Pop Culture Classroom, a charity program that delivers high quality, all-inclusive educational resources to school districts, teachers, and community organizations using comics, graphic novels and related pop culture media. DCC is unique in the way it is rebirthing a strong community of bookworms, and in an age of ever-evolving tech media, bringing the stories back to the page.

Appearing this year at DCC are four fantastic female authors, who write in many different genres, and hope to pave the way for more girls who dream of being of writing the next great book series. With all of the excited energy and elaborate costumes, it’s easy to see why these storytellers are drawn to events like DCC.

“Each year [at DCC], I’m struck by the amazing artwork created not only by the illustrators, but also by the cosplayers. They are incredibly good sports, stopping to take pictures with other fans like me,” said Cynthia Richards, author of the epic magical adventure series, Heart of the Warrior. Likewise, author Wendy Terrien (The Rampart Gaurds series) feels a “giddy” excitement when surrounded by so many celebrities and fans.

“The creativity and free expression from Con-goers is astounding, and the energy is unmatched… and last year my nephew and I had our photo taken with Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo from the television show Stranger Things!” Terrien and the other authors understand the connection between stories and people, so they appreciate not only being able to provide that for their readers, but also experiencing it for themselves.

And being a fan is key to enjoying these events, even if you’re attending as a guest. Texas based author Liv Hadden (In the Mind of Revenge) has attended Denver Comic Con twice before, but the opportunity to meet more of her heroes (and celebrity crushes) makes returning an easy decision.
“I’m most excited for the panels and Jason Momoa,” she said. “I love talking to folks about the craft of writing, fandoms, and other geeky stuff. And, I think the Jason Momoa thing is self-explanatory.”

Fantasy author Sue Duff (The Weir Chronicles) is a seasoned Denver Comic Con attendee, and this year the excitement for her is getting the chance to appear on some panels.

“Sitting on panels and moderating them offers a chance to cultivate new fans and help them discover an unknown author or their next favorite series,” Duff explained. “One I’m very excited about is Comedy and Drama in Science Fiction, including my new secret obsession, The Orville. I’m also sitting on a panel about Witches, moderating a few with Science Fiction themes and moderating one of my own about The Best Plot Twists Ever!”

Of course, part of the Comic Con experience is finding your favorite cosplay, and these authors have seen some good ones. Sue Duff got to meet an extremely life-like Baby Groot (pot of dirt and all), Wendy Terrien was amazed with the costumes regardless of whether or not she knew the characters — especially the ones with  “fantastic wings and wands and towering headwear,” and nearly all were impressed with a technologically accurate Dalek that could move and speak as if it had been pulled directly off the Doctor Who set.

Above all, all of the authors expressed their overwhelming love for meeting fans, and extreme gratitude for stages like Denver Comic Con which provide them the opportunity.

“I would love for fans to remember that as much as they want to meet me, I want to meet them,” said Richards. “It just tickles me to talk to my readers and answer questions about my books. Never gets old!” If you go to talk to Sue Duff, come prepared to have an in-depth conversation about fantasy and science fiction, and if you’re stopping by Wendy Terrien’s booth, dogs are always a good ice-breaker. Liv Hadden likes a more unusual topics of conversations.

“I’m a potty humor enthusiast,” she said. “So bonus points if you tell me a really great poop joke!”

Whatever your style or genre is, there is sure to be an author for you at Denver Comic Con, which runs June 15th – 17th.