In the third season of Bill Nye Saves the World, scientist-turned-television personality Bill Nye continues to make the science of daily life binge-able. In the fourth episode of six, Nye will teach us something about what we’re going to eat as a species in order to get to the future and keep on getting. Spoiler alert, guys. The future of food includes bugs. Lots of bugs. Enough to make me nervous . . .

Throughout the episode Nye discussed how scientists are working to create meat without animals in an age when humans MUST learn to reduce their carbon footprint – or, their food print! Despite my general unwillingness to eat bugs or even think about it, humans are known for their ability to adapt and change. Our tastes change, and food availability forces us to adapt to new ways of life. We must embrace the foods of the future if we want to eat!

Karlie Kloss addresses the food crises of the future as she visits Japanese food scientists who are well on their way in the attempt to solve the coming food dilemmas of a heavily populated planet. In short, scientists are working to grow more food in less space using less resources. By utilizing vertical farming practices, which use 90% less water than conventional methods, and LED lighting systems to encourage faster growth times scientists are cutting down the time and energy that goes into “making” a salad the old fashioned way.

Finally, Margaret Cho bravely tastes food made of algae, meal worms (no thank you) and meat grown from the cells of animals rather than harvested from living stock. She and Nye both seem to enjoy everything, but with the audience watching and the cameras on, who can really say. Anyway, they survived, which means the human race will probably be fine. When meal worm pizza is a thing I’m sure I’ll be ok too, but until then . . . .I’m going to pretend that I don’t know that insects are the superfood of the future.

Check back next week for a recap and review of episode five: “Evolution” in which we will inevitably discuss Darwin and monkeys and Bill Nye will try yet again to save us from ourselves. 

Photo Source: Bill Nye Saves the World on NETFLIX

Photo Source: Bill Nye Saves the World on NETFLIX screenshot by Crystal Spears from The Game of Nerds