Desperately trying to win a prize at an establishment or go broke trying is a feeling most people can relate to. “The Taking of Funtime One Two Three”, the second episode of season nine for Bob’s Burgers, follows the stories of the Belcher children and a chicken.

Bobs Burgers (TheTakingOfFuntime) (Scene 1)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Family Funtime has been the scene for multiple episodes in the past, it is an establishment that contains arcade games, prizes, various other activities and offers a place for children’s birthday parties. In this particular episode, Tina, Gene and Louise have their eyes fixed on the promotional dun-buggy being offered as the top prize. The three go so far as to spend their whole weeks allowance in an attempt to try and win enough tickets.  The part that had me raising an eyebrow was the interference from Mr. Fischoeder, the long time fans of the series probably know by now that when he gets involved he usually has an ulterior motive that isn’t good. Mr. Fischoeder reveals that games (like the ones at wonder wharf as well as Family Funtime) are designed so that people cant win but follows by stating a minor trick on how to score major tickets on a particular game. Upon utilizing the trick and discovering it’s truth as well as the staffs orders to help prevent wins, the Belcher children seek Mr. Fischoeder’s help some how ignorant to his past actions of manipulation.

Bobs Burgers (TheTakingOfFuntime) (Scene 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

As their children struggle to come out victorious, Bob and Linda are facing their own challenge. In an interesting turn of events, Teddy came into possession of a live chicken. He offers it to the couple with the promise of fresh eggs and the two reluctantly accept. I thought this was an interesting story-line as it could relate to a good sum of people for owning chickens with the goal of getting fresh eggs feels like a growing practice. With that being said, much like the last episode I found this side story to be lack luster. There were moments worth some laughs but compared to everything else that was going on it didn’t feel significant. The majority of their time was spent trying to get the chicken to lay eggs or talking to Teddy but to be fair they weren’t seen much throughout the episode so its not a drastic component.

Bobs Burgers (TheTakingOfFuntime) (Scene 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Back to the kids, following Mr. Fischoeder’s request, a small group made up of reoccurring child characters are formed to help win the dun-buggy. They manage to enhance their skills but unfortunately our pink bunny eared girl ended up with a banishment from Family Funtime. Eventually, we are brought to the back room where the whole thing ties together. They didn’t win the dun-buggy but Mr. Fischoeder ended up paying the price for his attempt to manipulate the people around him.

Tina, Gene and Louise didn’t achieve what they set out to do but still won a prize and after all the effort put forth, Bob and Linda ended up with one egg. I’m not sure if the chicken will become like the raccoons (long time fans of the show know who I’m talking about) and keep making appearances or if she was a one time show deal so we’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Personally, Mr. Fischoeder is not one of my favorites, I enjoy watching him and he certainly brings interest to the show but my dislike is for his manners and personality. For this episode to end with him losing, I was greatly surprised for there were hints but that moment where your theory is confirmed can not be beat (plus getting the details on how it came to be helps).

The series is still just kicking off so I hope the episodes continue to keep getting more interesting by bringing back characters and references as it has been doing so far. Thanks for reading and be sure to like and comment with your opinion of the episode.