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Skadi is the daughter of the Jotun Thiassi and wife of the Norse Vanir God Njord. It is unclear if she had her own children with Njord. Her symbols are the bow and arrow, snowshoes, white wolf and skis. She is the Goddess of winter, destruction and hunting. Her marriage to Njord was part of the compensation owed to her by Odin for killing her father. They did not live together because neither can stand where the other lives. Skadi lives in the frigid mountains of Thrymheim and Njord lives in Noatunon the coast.

Odin and the other Gods were celebrating the death of the Jotun Thiassi and the return of the Goddess Idun and her apples. Skadi strode into Asgard in full armor ready for battle. Odin offered another choice. Compensation. They must make her laugh, they cast Thiassi’s eyes into the sky to become stars and she could marry a God of her choice. The last had a twist. She had to choose her groom by his feet. Now Skadi had a thing for Odin’s son Balder. She thought that Balder would have the best looking feet and chose those. They in fact belonged to Njord.

Though they found they could not live with each other, Skadi still became close with the other Norse Gods. She was even the one who hung the venomous snake above Loki’s head when he was imprisoned by Odin.

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