Fear the Walking Dead is coming to a big apex, or it seems to be that way, we finally get an idea of what is up with the stadium, and close to see how it got to this position. Surprise! People don’t know how to shoot! If John Dorie was alive this battle would be over before you could even worry about it. But nobody knows how to shoot. The leader of the Vultures chickens out and wants to run away. Naomi wants to get to the ambulance to get a kit to help save John’s life, but he doesn’t want to cooperate and tries to drive away. But not before, EXPLOSION! Alicia blows up the ambulance with a grenade launcher extension on her gun! Say goodbye to medical supplies and we assume the leader of the Vultures.

Luciana gets Charlie dead to rights, Charlie is unarmed and Luciana keeps thinking about it. Someone else comes up from behind and Luciana has to shoot him, this gives Charlie the time she needs to make her escape. Since Naomi couldn’t get some medical supplies Morgan decides they have to do something else. So he goes to enlist the help of Ali, who insists she is not apart of this and just here to film. Morgan says that is not true, and if she doesn’t do something a good man John Dorie will die. After Ali goes to get the SWAT vehicle to get in between John and the bullets to save him. On the way to the vehicle Morgan sees Charlie in the open and goes to save her. Charlie asks if Morgan knows what she did, he does but he says this has to stop somewhere. It’s not a very wise decision, we know how kids are in this world, but Morgan seems to get his way as she joins along.


Aly isn’t the only one who likes to watch the action on Fear the Walking Dead. I’m enjoying this season as well. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

Naomi tells them that she knows how she can save him but it’s going to be tough, what they have to do is go back to the stadium she will find the supplies there. The group wants to know how she knows it still has supplies, Naomi won’t tell them but insists they can.

While this is happening Alicia and company see that the Vultures are nearly dead, and that Ali and company are leaving, so they all pile in a vehicle to go after them. Alicia happens to see someone moving from the ambulance wreckage and has the truck stop, she goes over and sees the leader of the Saviors and just blasts him in the head.


Vultures leader a burnt up mess tries to crawl to safety. It doesn’t work as he met a bullet from Alicia. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

But to know what’s ahead for Morgan and company, we have to go back, to the past. Charlie says that it is her fault that the stadium has fallen. The Vultures had the numbers of walkers written on canvases like we knew about, but we didn’t exactly know how many or why. Strand found a number of them, some numbers above 500 walkers, the Vultures plan was to use the walkers to do their dirty work for them, but unleashing them on the stadium, which one night they did while Madison’s family was outside of the walls. They could have made it back inside but stupidly just stayed in the parking lot watching the Vultures(who got their first) open up truck after truck after truck of walkers. The Vultures light a path on fire that the walkers go through and become fire walkers. Madison and Strand go out to try to save her kids.


Hmm carry the one makes this 31 walkers. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

Ali gets to the stadium, they are outside the stadium, Naomi asks if they are ready, Ali isn’t sure what she is getting herself into, she takes a deep breath and plows the SWAT vehicle right through the doors into the infield. Turns out the stadium is occupied, by crispy crunchy burnt dead walkers who are all converging fast on the SWAT vehicle. Still no sign of Madison! Is she dead, it’s starting to seem like it, we are likely to find out in the midseason finale which is billed to change the course of the show forever.