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My Hero Academia: Season 3- Episode 9

We are back with another awesome episode of My Hero Academia! Last time, we got to see the struggles within Class 1-A on whether or not to take action and save Bakugo. Also, the pro heroes are planning their own way to save Bakugo as well. While Bakugo is ready to retaliate against his captors.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

We start this one off at the press conference for U.A. led by Nezu, Aizawa, and Vlad. The press continue to pester at the school and teachers for putting their students in danger. One press member in particular really starts to lay into Aizawa for permitting the students to use their quirks for self defense. Nezu backs Aizawa saying if it weren’t for the heroic efforts of Kendo and Tetsutetsu, the gas attacks could have been a lot more fatal to the students. The press member ignores this statement and starts to bring up Bakugo. He highlights his career the last year or so winning the sports festival and being hostage to the slime villain. This showed how tough and heroic he can be. But the press member is worried if Bakugo’s relentless personality would easily be manipulated by the League of Villains and perhaps turn Bakugo. You can see the aggression on Aizawa’s face. He stands up with an enraged face. Vlad pleads internally for Aizawa to keep his cool. Aizawa gives a slight bow to the press members, apologizing for Bakugo’s behavior. But also stating, his actions originate in what he considers “ideal strength”. And that Bakugo is trying his hardest to become a top hero. The villains must be very short-sighted to think they could turn Bakugo so easily.

The conference was being played in the background of the League of Villains secret hideout where Bakugo is being held. Bakugo agrees with what Mr. Aizawa said exactly. Bakugo is ready to pounce on the villains that surround him at any moment. The villains discuss whether or not it’s foolish to stand up to all of them when Bakugo is alone. Shigaraki tells his team to calm down and to not touch Bakugo. He is a valuable piece. Shigaraki explains that he wishes Bakugo and them could come to an understanding, but it looks like no compromise can be made. Shigaraki then asks his Master to lend him his power. The man on the other side was pleased of Shigaraki.

The pro heroes are all getting ready to ambush the League of Viallans with the police force. Endeavor is not very keen on helping clean up U.A.’s messes but is obligated to help those in need. Pro hero Best Jeanist reminisces his time with Bakugo while he was at his hero agency during Bakugo’s apprenticeship. His goal was to reform his behavior but it seemed that he is one of the most stubborn men he’s ever met. Tiger also reminds the team that one of the Pussycats Ragdoll was also captured and he is determined to save her.

Back with Midoriya and company, the group has finally arrived at the location that the tracking device has led them too. They all squeeze into a narrow alley and find a very high up window they would be able to scout the inside from. Iida and Todoroki boost up Kirashima and Midoriya so they can see inside the dark building using Kirashima’s night vision goggles he brought. Kirashima looks through the goggles and is in shock of what he has witnessed. He gives the goggles so Midoriya can see for himself and what he sees is an absolute horror. They see the tanks that they keep the multiple nomus in, all lined up in rows like a farm. The creatures that have previously raised hell for them and much of society, all together being created in a lab.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Bakugo is still in a stand off with the League of Villains. He tries to think what his first move should be that will lead him to the back door for a quick escape. Suddenly, there is a knock at the front entrance. A voice from the other side announces that a pizza has arrived. But, this was just a smokescreen. Bursting through the wall is All Might and the pro heroes! Behind All Might’s smash is Kamui Woods binding all the villains in his laquered chain prison. And before Dabi could just burn the restraints away, the old man himself Gran Torino swings to action to knock out Dabi! From the front door waits Edgeshot accompanied by the police force. The villains are surrounded, and Shigiraki is running out of ideas. He orders Korugiri to teleport as many nomus as he can through his warp gate, but even then he was too late. Mt. Lady has destroyed the facility where they held the nomus and Edgeshot has knocked Kurogiri out cold.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

All Might and the heroes are sure in their victory. Gran Torino asks Shigiraki where his boss might be, but Shigiraki is not in a right mental state. He begins to think back when he was child how All for One took him in, unlike the heroes could at his young age. Shigiraki asserts his hatred for All Might. Suddenly, a black, gooey portal starts opening up and multiplying, bringing nomus to surround all the heroes and the police! The black goo then starts to consume Bakugo and takes him away! All Might becomes enraged with having Bakugo stolen right from underneath him.

Back at the nomu factory two minutes prior, the pro heroes assigned there are taking care of business pretty easily. The nomus are being dealt with and Tiger even found Ragdoll, but she is in very bad condition. Midoriya and friends begin to realize the job here is done and go on their way, but just when things got comfortable, pure evil emerges through the shadows. The man apologizes to Tiger, saying he couldn’t resist taking Ragdoll’s quirk. Best Jeanist ties the man up with a ton of force, but the man’s sheer power breaks the bindings. That man, is All for One.

I AM SO SCARED for everybody involved in this situation right now. It will be a miracle if everyone can get out of here without some kind of fight! We’ll see next time the true intentions and power of All for One. Until then!



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