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So last week we left off with a couple cliffhangers. Athena finally tells Michael that they need a divorce, not that she wants one, but she doesn’t want to hate him. And second Hen’s wife found out she cheated on her with Eva and is now suing for custody of her son. Which seems like it was her m.o. from the beginning. On top of which Athena met a hottie! I think this episode has to be my favorite by far. It was hilarious, insightful, intense with the emergency calls that came in and endearing!

The team goes out on a couple of scary calls as per the trend of the show. A homeless who fell asleep in a garbage truck almost gets crushed, a mother and son get trapped in drowning elevator, and a couple of hoarders who almost die under their own booby traps. As the episode progresses we follow the different stories of each of these 9-1-1 callers. The impacts of their situations and whether or not it changes their lives for the good or the bad.

Abby has a hot date with Buck, who she’s been dating now for awhile. Her mom has been progressively getting worse and she actually struck Abby. Abby is completely shocked and is ready to call out to work and cancel her date. Carla talks her out of it and encourages her to go and enjoy herself. Abby is hesitant but in the end, she decides to go. And so much for her date with Buck who has planned and let’s just face it, a date a girl can only dream of. Flowers, hot airline balloon ride, hot guy; but she has to cancel because of her mom having an episode. Which leaves Buck feeling neglected and anxious. Buck then expresses to Bobby how’s he’s feeling. Even though Abby is his ideal woman, at 26, he’s not sure he’s ready to take on such a big responsibility. Bobby tells him straight if she’s great she won’t be easy. And all he needs to do is be understanding and supportive because that is what she needs the most. Not for him to actually do anything. I loved that conversation between him and Bobby. He gives him great advice and drives it home and has caused Buck to take a second look at himself and the situation. However, on their next date Buck seems to have found his resolve and it seems Abby was thinking along the same lines as he. He quickly explains that he’s there for her no matter what and he’s willing to make sacrifices for her because he knows that even though with all she has going on she still is amazing in his eyes and he doesn’t want to lose that. And for Abby it is bittersweet. She has something so amazing happen to her, only to be quickly heartbroken by finding her mother has passed in her sleep.

After the team saves the homeless man, Athena and Hen sit down to lunch and a talk. Hen explains what happened with her and Athena tells her that she’s decided to divorce Michael. And also that she met a guy. And she has a date to see him that night. Fast forward and Athena is with her guy and they are getting a little kinky and in the process handcuffs themselves to the bed and the key is not quite accessible. Athena freaks out and has to call 9-1-1 to get ahold of Abby who can get in touch with Hen. She does and gets to the guy’s house and finds Athena in a compromising situation. And instantly busts out laughing, this scene was hilarious cause I would have been doing the same thing. So, she asks Hen to get her keys and she goes to uncuff them but Athena stops her. Tells Hen she didn’t ask her to do that and to get lost. Laughing Hen leaves her to it and goes on her way. At a later date, Athena visits her guy friend again and he asks her to go away with him over dinner. She turns him down by letting him know that she just wants a friend with benefits well really a bootycall. And he’s too good of a guy to be a rebound boyfriend. He says ok but I could see he doesn’t have any plans to go anywhere.

Hen visits Eva once again and she already knows what Eva is about. She wants Hen back and she is suing for custody to do that. Eva tells Hen that she can be a better family with her than Karen. Eva also says thst she has changed because she was locked up. Hen ain’t buying it she knows Eva is selfish and is only looking out for herself. She knows hat Eva doesn’t want Denny and basically, she ain’t falling for her crap any longer. What I think is Eva is just getting started. The problems are just gonna get worse got Hen.

The rescued people all had their little victories themselves. The homeless man prefers to become homeless, the mother learns to let go and that her son is capable, and the brothers return to the lives they feel most comfortable in despite the injuries. Which said to me that some people are content with their lives as is and others choose their own circumstances regardless of how others view it.