Howdy guys! Welcome to my review of Ep. 7 of Gotham: Rise of the Villains. This episode, like all of their episodes, is very aptly titled, and you’ll find out why. But I have to wonder if it’s not also based on the upcoming Suicide Squad film? Margot Robbie’s rendition of Harley Quinn is frequently seen wearing a “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster” shirt. Maybe the Gotham Writers found some inspiration for this week’s title?

But! Moving onward, I’d like to begin by revealing my thought process for this entire episode:

Woah, is Penguin crying?!
Oh…Now I’m crying.
Butch, whatcha doing back there?
I’m sorry, but I like Victor.
Oh no, Cat…
So many dead people this episode.
Nygma what is happening to you?

So…in case you can’t understand my mental ravings, the episode starts like this.

After Butch finds out where Mrs. Cabelput is being held hostage, he leads Penguin in. Of course, Oswald heads straight for the rescue. He’s deterred however, by Theo and Tabitha making their grand entrance. Theo decides it’s time to let Oswald’s mother out, and they reunite for a beautiful moment….that is until Tabitha decides to plunge a knife deep into poor Mrs. Cabelput’s back. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing the Penguin loses tonight. When he gives the order to Butch to execute Theo and Tabitha, Butch simply refuses. He explains that Tabitha cured him, and later in the show decides to work up his own crew. Karma comes back to bite him though, when Victor Zsasz appears on behalf of Penguin to murder him. Vic’ gives anyone who wants to leave alive the chance to bolt, and very literally every member leaves Butch hanging. Don’t worry though friends, Jim and Harvey were there to save the day. Once the bullets stopped flying, they turned to find that Butch had left the building.
Bruce and Silver definitely get their groove on this episode, but I didn’t dare dream that Silver could be as cruel as she was. Perhaps it runs in the family? Of course, she wasn’t cruel to Bruce. In his eyes, she was sweet and innocent, and could do no wrong. But when Selina comes to visit Wayne Manor, things get a bit heated. Theo wants Silver to make sure that Bruce doesn’t have any other friends, no one to “Whisper doubts” in the Wayne boy’s ear. When Selina shows up, it puts a damper on things and so Silver shows her darker side while Bruce is distracted. Selina tries to point it out to Bruce, but it makes things worse and forces a heavy strain on their friendship. The evening ends with Bruce kicking Cat out of his house and going to see Silver instead.

Theo, to no one’s surprise, was elected Mayor of Gotham. Penguin came up with a…pretty genius plan to dress up his crew like him. From their hair to the suit, he had his crew hobble down the street in the same fashion he does to crash the Mayoral Celebration party. While the Decoy-Penguins attack the party, the REAL Oswald ambushed Theo. Jim, at the time, was protecting Theo, if only so he could keep his job. Throughout the episode he begins to rightfully suspect Theo in all the things he’s done. Oswald tries to explain to Jim what Theo did to his mother, but Jim and his morals can’t step aside to let Mayor Galavan die. Tabitha breaks up the stand off by landing a bullet in Penguin’s shoulder. Penguin escapes in a car and vanishes into the night.

And finally we end with Edward Nygma. Following the death of Miss. Kringle, Nygma’s mental state deteriorates, and his split personality disorder comes back even stronger than ever. Bad Nygma continually attempts to convince Good Nygma that getting away with murder is fun. At one point, Bad Nygma takes control of Ed’s body and hides Miss Kringle’s corpse in the GCPD, all while leaving hints for Good Nygma to find when he wakes up. At one point, Good Nygma finds Kristen’s hand in a vending machine, and in the end locates the body in, ironically, the Medical Examiner’s office. After almost being caught by Lee,  Nygma’s personalities merge together, and good Nygma accepts his fate as a twisted man. What I loved about this Final scene was that it was so flawlessly filmed. If you didn’t know any better, you would think Cory Michael Smith had a twin. Even his shadow was properly placed!

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