To say that I had high expectations for this movie would be an understatement. I am a huge fan of the novel Fahrenheit 451, which was originally published by Ray Bradbury in 1953. I am also a recent fan of Michael B. Jordan after his extremely successful role in the recent Marvel movie Black Panther. Perhaps my expectations were too high because, ultimately, I believe that this film failed to deliver what I was hoping for.

There have been previous film adaptations of this classic novel. Although the 1966 release received decent reviews, many films have failed to deliver the message that Bradbury was trying to convey in his novel. HBO’s recent release also failed to live up to its paper counterpart.

I felt that this movie lost very important aspects of the plot amongst all the fiery special effects. Visually, the movie was appealing, but I felt that many of the very important aspects of the story were missing. This film, in my opinion, focused too heavily on the actual burning of the books as opposed to the message that the novel itself conveys.

Overall, I felt that this film was disappointing as a fan of the novel. Perhaps this is just a novel that does not translate well into film. Are there any book to movie adaptations that you think are really great? Let me know in the comments.