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ASOUE: Season 2, Episode 6 (The Hostile Hospital) Part 1

After their fire truck runs out of gas, Violet, Klaus and Sunny walk to the Last Chance General Store, deep in the Hinterlands. After realizing the store is also out of gas, the children go inside to use the telegraph machine. However, while inside, they run into Count Olaf who has been following them since the Village of Fowl Devotees.

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After evading Olaf at the general store, the Baudelaire children get into a van with the letters V.F.D. painted on the side. They don’t know where they are going, but anything has to be better than being captured by Olaf. Once inside the van, they meet the “Volunteers Fighting Disease”.

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The volunteers take them to Heimlich Hospital where they sing to sick patients, but Violet, Klaus and Sunny are there for a very different reason. They have reason to believe something they need lyes in the hospital’s Library of Records.

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While there, the children meet Hal. He’s the keeper of all of the records and possibly the only person (due to his eye sight) who doesn’t recognize the children from the paper. He thinks Klaus, Violet and Sunny are volunteers who have come to help him keep track of the hospital’s files.

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Meanwhile, Olaf and Esme lead the troop into the hospital disguised as staff. Olaf, disguised as Mattathias Medicalschool, is trying to find the children while Esme wants to find the sugar bowl. Hal tells the children about the film records and they find out he has an entire file labeled “Snicket”.


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Count Olaf sets a trap for the Hospital Administrator Babs. He and his troop take over the hospital and start checking every room for the Baudelaires. The children head for the unfinished wing of the hospital where there are no security cameras.

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The Baudelaire’s realize there isn’t a better way to get into the Library of Records without steeling Hal’s Keys, even though he is their new friend. Hal finds the children in the closed wing of the hospital and Violet knows it’s the only chance she may have to take his keys. They replace the keys with washers on a ribbon and they head off to find the record they need. Close behind them is Esme.

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After looking in the file labeled V.F.D., the Baudelaire’s find the film titled Snicket. They load the film onto the projector and hear Jacque Snicket in an interview say there may have been a survivor of the Baudelaire fire. One of their parents could still be alive. Esme interrupts them.

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Esme starts smashing the filing cabinets looking for the sugar bowl and chasing the children. Klaus and Sunny get separated from Violet and she is captured by Olaf and Esme.

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Will Klaus and Sunny find Violet before it’s to late? Will Esme get the sugar bowl before the Baudelaire’s? Will the orphans finally find out they aren’t really orphans? Stay tunes next week for another installment of our favorite children!

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