Photo Source: Fahrenheit 451 Wikipedia

Fahrenheit 451 is a novel that was originally published by author Ray Bradbury in 1953. It is a dystopian novel set in a futuristic American society. In this society, books are outlawed and “firemen” are responsible for burning any books they find.

Fahrenheit 451 is considered one of Bradbury’s best works and has won countless awards. There have been a few movie adaptations, but none have stood up next to the novel. HBO wanted to change that.

The HBO movie is being directed by Ramin Bahrani, whose film Chop Shop received critical praise from the late Roger Ebert. The film also has Michael B. Jordan, who recently wowed fans with his portrayal of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, as the main protagonist Guy Montag.


Photo Source: Fahrenheit 451 Wikipedia

So far, the film has been getting less than rave reviews. It is currently sitting at a 31% on Rotten Tomatoes. It also has a 47 on Metacritic.

Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorite novels. I am hoping that this film proves to be a true adaptation, despite what critics are currently saying. Stay tuned to The Game of Nerds for a review of the film!