Time for another thrilling installment in the adventures of our favorite orphans! What will become of Jacques Snicket? Where are the Quagmires? These questions answered and more!!!

Jacques Snicket was murdered by Count Olaf and Esme.


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The Baudelaire orphans find out Jacques Snicket was murdered by Count Olaf and Esme Squalor. The worst part, no one believes them. Olaf blames the children for the murder and they are imprisoned.

The Baudelaire’s are to be burned at the stake.


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Olaf and Esme convince the town that the children should be burned at the stake for the “death of Count Olaf” who was really Jacques Snicket. Jaqueline and Larry the waiter rush to the town of V.F.D. to save the Baudelaire’s.

Hector plans to leave in his hot-air mobile home.


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Hector the handyman visits the children in jail to tell them he is leaving. He can’t stay in the town of V.F.D. any longer and he is finally taking his hot-air mobile home to new adventures!

The Baudelaire’s finally escape from their jail cell.


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Violet invents a machine to break through the wall of the jail. The children tell Olaf they are singing happy birthday because it is Klaus’ birthday and use the diversion to smash through the prison wall.

Violet, Klaus and Sunny rush to save the Quagmires.


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After realizing that Isadora was sending them clues, Klaus discovers Count Olaf has hidden the Quagmires in the crow fountain at the center of town. They open the crow, releasing Duncan and Isadora.

Sunny steals a fire truck to escape the angry mob.


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Sunny steals a fire truck and rescues Violet, Klaus, Duncan and Isadora from the angry mob. They try to catch up to Hector’s hot-air mobile home, hoping they can escape the town of V.F.D. and Count Olaf for good!

The Quagmires escape, but have to leave their friends.


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Duncan and Isadora climb up the ladder on the fire truck and into the floating house Hector built, but in order to save them, Violet, Klaus and Sunny stay behind in the fire truck.

The Baudelaire’s escape in the fire truck.


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The episode ends with the Baudelaire children driving toward an uncertain future and toward more answers. Count Olaf and Esme had to run from the town elders and the angry mob after they accidently kill a crow and the Baudelaires take the oppertunity to escape. What will happen in the next segment of the Baudelaires sad lives?