There are several games that you can play online for real money this year! If you haven’t tried it out yet, you may want to soon. Online casinos offer plenty of entertainment and fun right from the comfort of your home.

If you enjoy cards, table, or slot machine games- then you are in luck. These games offer real money that you can start making online today. We made sure to include all of the games you will want to check out.

Popular Online Games

If you are interested in playing some online games for money, be sure to check out the options we listed here. Everyone has games that they like and are naturally good at. We are sure that you can find your favorite game here.


Roulette has been extremely popular so far this year. If you enjoy European roulette, then you can find several options available in online casinos. This version of the game comes with 37 pockets, while the American one has 38. Both have 18 red and black pockets.

Roulette is a game of chance and is played all across the world. You simply place a bet and guess where the ball is going to land. It’s an easy and fun game that takes little effort to get into- making it a popular choice for new players this year. Plus, you can win real money from your wagers.


Blackjack has the lowest house edge of all the games, meaning you have the highest odds of winning money when you play. American blackjack is the most popular variant, so you will be sure to see it on plenty of websites.

If you miss playing at a casino, then live blackjack would be for you! Live games allow you to see a real blackjack dealer. You can talk with them and other players like you would in a real casino while you play.


The classic three-reel games are making a comeback this year. For anyone who loves slots, now is the time to return to the original version. Playing online slots for real money is simpler now than before.

Traditionally, slots were machines where you pull the arm and do your best to line up the symbols. Online versions are much the same but can have different themes and plenty of graphics. Many players enjoy the wide selection of slots that websites can offer.


This option is a card game often played at casinos. There are two hands; the banker and the player. The winning odds are usually in favor of the bank. However, it is simple to play and usually attracts a crowd. 

Online baccarat can be live or played against an AI. With live games, you will see cards being dealt over a stream, and you can wager on them. Overall, baccarat’s goal is to have the hand you bet on to be the better one. A winning hand will have a higher score after the numbers and pips are added together.


Poker can come in several different versions. In all cases, you will be wagering on which hand you think is the best. The main goal of the game is to win money by capturing the bets made by other players. Poke requires that you watch your opponents and try to guess what their hands are.

Live poker is another online game, but you can win real money when you play. It is a challenging game that requires skill, but anyone can start learning easily. You will see the other players in live games, making it feel more like a real casino.


Craps is a dice game that is popular all over the world. It involves players making wagers on the result of the rolls of two dice. There are different rules, but that is the most basic concept. The players can bet against each other or the bank, depending on the operator.

You can now play craps online for real money. Just about every online casino offers this game- it is too popular not to! You will find plenty of variants, but the rules are all pretty simple to learn.


Keno is a lottery game. It includes picking numbers and hoping that you will win. You can also play this game online and win real money from it. You play much the same as you would at a casino.

With online casinos, Keno is still random. Many people worry that the casino cheats by never picking their numbers. However, that is not true. Online Keno games use a Random Number Generator, or RNG, to ensure that all of their games are fair. You should always receive money when you make a correct guess.

Why Play Online

There are many benefits to playing games online. If you have some free time, are bored, and want to make a little bit of extra cash- online casinos are there to help. You can easily download your preferred option as an app and start playing right away. They are very convenient, and you never have to leave your bed.

Many will also offer you a welcome bonus. These bonuses can be useful when starting and make it easier to place wagers on your first set of games.

Test Runs

Online casinos also allow you to play without money until you feel comfortable. If you are trying a game for the first time, you can do as many free test runs as you need until you know you are ready to place your first wager.


If you are someone who loves the casino, then you have many different online options available to you. You can play all of your favorite card games or slots from home. Plus, you can make some money on the side.

With more people staying home this year, online casinos are growing rapidly. We think it would be worth checking them out when you have a chance! Be sure to read more on our blog and send us your questions!