So here we are, it’s the second to the last episode of Season Four with “Think Fast”. Here DeVoe finally takes his final steps towards the Enlightenment as Team Flash scrambles to work together perfectly after suffering lost after lost all season long towards the villain. Along the way, the team devises a plan to use Flash Time to get a slight advantage against DeVoe, but will it be enough to stop him finally for good?

“Think Fast” kicks off with DeVoe assaulting an Argus black-site housing Fallout — the final meta-human piece of his grand plan —  with all of his powers that he acquired over the season. DeVoe practically annihilates the nameless Argus agents and shows how frightening powerful he is now. This leads to Team Flash receiving an SOS from the black-site sent just a second before DeVoe’s rampage, giving the team just 12 hours to stop DeVoe, rescue hostages and destroy the satellites. But with how powerful DeVoe is now, the team has to be faster and out smart the villain in a fraction of a second. Time’s ticking.

The Flash — "Think Fast"

Photo Source: The CW

Flash Time is now finally explained in this episode with Caitlin and Cisco both theorizing that it’s not just exclusive to speedsters but Barry can actually generates the Speedforce as an aura around non-speedsters and pull them into Flash Time itself without him holding onto them — unlike how he did it episodes back. Barry then teaches Caitlin and Cisco how to move about in Flash Time, but not without some clashing ideologies amongst the team and a few accidental concussions along the way.

The two other stories in “Think Fast” features first Iris teaming up with Harry — who’s mind is rapidly deteriorating this week — to find Marlize DeVoe, since she could be the one thing that finally stops Clifford DeVoe from destroying everyone’s minds. And in the second side story, Joe and Cecil deal with their soon-to-be-child’s growing mental powers. Instead of just reading minds, the child is able to tap Cecil within the minds of others, effectively becoming that person for awhile with physical mannerisms and all.

While the episode fired on all cylinders and got us to the finish line of the season, you couldn’t help but ask about a few plot holes here and there.

Diggle makes a brief appearance at Star Labs due to DeVoe shape0shifting his way onto the black-site, but he only appears for one scene to fill the team in and then leaves. You would think with DeVoe attacking Argus, Diggle would be all hands on deck and want to help the team out more, but he doesn’t and is instantly whisked back to Star City to help Ollie with his Ricardo Diaz/Dragon problems. Then later on once DeVoe  finally launches his five Enlightenment Satellites, Barry could only stop one with Amunet’s Organic Grenade, umm… why didn’t they make multiple ones to use against DeVoe’s other four satellites? And lastly, DeVoe in retaliation warps over to Star Labs, hijacks Gideon’s AI and uses the Star Labs satellite — which is radically different then the ones he’s been making all season might I add — to kick start his Enlightenment and mind wipe the world. This then in turns poses two big questions, why is DeVoe this powerful and what does this mean for Arrow and Legends which happen on the same Earth 1 going forward?

That last question will most likely be answered next week in the season finale, but may lead to lasting repercussions for the entire Earth 1 heroes going forward. I wouldn’t put it past them to effectively erase everyone’s memories of Ollie being the Green Arrow or most of the rogues knowing Barry is the Flash. However, with that said, I’m actually excited about the finale next week since we’re supposed to find out who the Mystery Speedster Girl is and also get a massive hint as to who the big bad for Season Five is as well. My money is on Godspeed showing up.