Hello hello, and welcome back to our weekly dose of The Resident. When I write my review, I usually watch an episode twice- once for the enjoyment of the episode, once more to actually write the review… but then this episode came out, and the world of reviewing went away. The Resident took me in for the first time since the series aired. It was like the characters truly found themselves and it sucks, because I really loved Bradley’s character, even though we only saw him a few times over the series.

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The episode starts with a morning routine, showing Nic and Priya still looking into Lane Hunter’s background… and then Bradley goes crashing through the glass ceiling of CEO Dr. Bell’s meeting room. The group begins to debate about a cause for the fall, a majority believing it was suicide. Devon doesn’t believe so, saying any person who is planning their future, their life, is not suicidal. Honestly, I’ve been down that dark road. And I did try. Had a meeting with my managers the next day. Woke up, cleaned up, went to the meeting like nothing happened. I’m much better, but I feel for Bradley. Doesn’t help we are both redheads.

While the staff is dealing with Bradley, Nic is still on the hunt for the truth. She knows Dr. Hunter is lying about her name. She finds a lead with a man who worked closely with Lane, only to leave suddenly. Seems a rumor has been circulating about overdosing patients. Suddenly, he had fewer shifts and was caught ‘Self-Medicating’. Nic decides to approach the Medical Board, even though the other doctor encouraged her to leave it. The Board cancel her meeting and ignore her over and over again. On her way home, she notices a car following her, and blocking her in for a second, before driving away. When she gets home, a stranger is waiting for her, and vaguely threatens her about leaving the issue alone.

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Mina meets with AJ Austin, someone who can match her both in wit and in work. Of course, AJ finds Mina quite interesting, but Mina isn’t sure. Mina has a case where a man broke his penis, and AJ tags along. Mina gets to see the bizarre way AJ roughly communicates with his patients, yet gets through to them on an emotional level, one Mina could never reach. I actually hope Dr. Bell gets Austin to stay- their chemistry is just so beautiful.

We get to meet Bradley’s parents, and you can see why Bradley might have jumped, dealing with extra hours, the stress of his family. AJ ends up watching, and steps on the leading Doctor’s toes, scaring him to stepping back. Mina and AJ begin work on Bradley, both working smoothly, though they verbally boxed. It turns out Bradley has a heart disease. They find drugs in Bradley’s locker, but Conrad thinks it’s the caffeine that caused him to fall, not jump. Sure enough, a shot sent Bradley’s heart into cardiac arrest.

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We get to see Mina sticking up for AJ Austin, claiming that his bedside manner is disastrous, but his instincts in the OR were nothing like she had ever seen. She does call him a raptor, but, and I quote, “Even Raptors ever their purpose, as long as you know it is a raptor.”It seems Austin might be running from something. Dr. Bell makes him one offer, in which AJ admits being frightened of Mina, but needs her as his right-hand man. I hope she grows with him and learns a lot.

It turns out Bradley didn’t mean to jump, just passed out. It seems he doesn’t love being a doctor as much as he hoped, and has considered jumping, before the accident. I seriously just want to hug him and say he can do whatever his little-diseased heart wants to do. Luckily, the accident does give him an out, and to find what he truly loves to do. I hope we see him again, maybe after going through law school and helping Nic sue Lane. That would be great. For not, we are letting him rest, and hopefully, we get to see him one or two more times before the season finale. Just 2 more episodes left. Tata for now, and Stay Shiny!