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Episode synopsis:

“Diaz targets Team Arrow and their loved ones. Oliver struggles with Felicity putting herself in danger when she gets the chance to stop Diaz for good.”- The CW

The episode kicks off with all respective members of Team Arrow and New Team Arrow, enjoying leisure evenings of rest, John and Lyla, Oliver, Felicity and William, Curtis and his new boyfriend Nick, Rene and his daughter. Dinah on the other hand is on the streets beating up thugs for info on Diaz. Things get exciting when Oliver receives a text reading “Get out” from Anatoly and he isn’t talking about that fantastic Jordan Peele movie. Diaz’s men attack all of them.

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Shockingly everyone gets away unscathed except for Nick we got shot but he is going to be okay. Nick, William and Raissa are being put in to ARGUS protection. Team Arrow is back! They all meet in the New Arrow Cave because Diaz’s men are currently in the process of destroying original recipe Arrow Cave. Team Arrow needs a plan, it ends tonight. They must trust each other if they are going to make it out alive. Ollie sets up a meeting with Anatoly. The best way to get Diaz is while he is on the move and Anatoly can get him to do just that.

Meanwhile the Quadrant is getting weary of Diaz’s recent tactics. Anatoly uses that to goad him into getting on the move. Diaz is moving the operation to SCPD. The plan is to intercept him before he gets there. “Suit up!”

The plan goes smooth, Diaz is on the run, Curtis catches up to him and lays the smack down on him, until Diaz stabs him. Then back up arrives and Team Arrows got to skedaddle. The only reason Curtis survived is because of instead of going in for the kill Diaz went for a USB he dropped. The USB must be important, so new plan. Felicity has a device that can read it, so Lyla is going to take the device into SCPD with her for an inspection, they can’t say no to a government official if they are trying to look legit.

Diaz is starting to doubt Anatoly but he shrugs it off and puts the blame on the Quadrant and Diaz buys it.

The plan is in effect, Ollie isn’t the biggest fan of Felicity in the field but it needs to be down, she’s not going to leave the car. Ollie and Dig are back up. Everything seems to be working. The USB has finical records, Diaz’s books, everyone who is in his pocket, this could bring him down. Diaz’s has a computer guy and he catches on to Felicity, all hell breaks loose. Felicity leaves the car to finish getting the data. Again, everyone gets away unscathed and with the data. Of course, Ollie isn’t happy about Felicity leaving the car. Dig talks some sense into Ollie.

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Ollie has a bigger problem than that, the computer guy can track their device. The Quadrant officially thinks Diaz is out of control, so he kills the one he has been dealing with.

Diaz attacks the cave with all he has. The building is gassed but on the bright side Curtis rigged the place to explode in case of emergency. One problem though, the data isn’t done encrypting. Ollie and Felicity stay behind for the data, everyone else makes their escape, a massive firefight breaks out.

There’s still 5 minutes left for the data and the gas is getting to Felicity. Oliver says eff it and they bail, they’ll find another way. During their grand escape Diaz finds them. While throwing Ollie down several flights of stairs Diaz ponders who to kill first. He doesn’t get to chance to kill anyone when Ollie denotes the building allowing for their escape.

Now with no cave everyone is held up at ARGUS. Bad news is a coming, Diaz’s body wasn’t found and the USB data is gone. Team Arrow is back to square one. Ollie does apologize to Felicity though, thanks to Dig’s advice.

At SCPD two more members of the Quadrant show up looking for Diaz. Diaz wants loyalty he didn’t get that from the last one. He kills one to make his point, it delivered, he’s got their loyalty.

Oliver has one last idea, Agent Watson. He tells her everything including that he is the Green Arrow but she wants one more thing from him before she can help.

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I wonder what Watson wants.

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