If for some reason you haven’t finished season fourteen, Chuck got pretty pissed about his “favorite show” exerting that free-will thing He pretends to be so keen on, and so opened the gates of Hell to show his frustration. Now, we don’t know if it’s just Hell he opened up, but it’s not like there aren’t plenty of angels and spirits on the other side who wouldn’t want to have a… talk with the Winchester brothers and their wayward angel.

Here are 16  characters I want to see come back for the final season:



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Let’s be honest here. The show hasn’t been the same since Crowley said “Bye boys” back in season 12, and frankly we all deserve a better send-off from and for the King of Hell. Crowley was the best frienemy the Winchesters ever had and he deserves to come back one more time. We all deserve more Crowley.


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Oh Meg. The Castiel foil. The demon who drifted scarily close to humanity. I always thought it was interesting that, for years Ruby pretending to fight for humanity while Meg was fighting for her demonic father, but at the end of the day, Meg is the one to sacrifice herself for the “greater good.”


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Speaking of Ruby, she should definitely come back for the show’s swan song. After all none of this would have happened without her, and Chuck knows she’d want a piece of Sammy after he and Dean killed her way back in season four.

4.)Jo and Ellen

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Ahhh Jo and Ellen. Yes I know they’re two separate people, but the mother/daughter hunting duo are a package deal. They got screwed so hard in season five and deserve to have a comeback. They fought and died for what was ultimately a lost cause and I will never be over Ellen sitting down next to her dying baby, ready to go with her. Ugh. I love them.


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Okay, controversial opinion here… but I don’t think Adam is in the cage. I think his soul went to Heaven in “Swan Song” when he burned but I’m apparently alone in this opinion… Anyway, regardless of his cage-status, the youngest Winchester deserves to come back and ask for some explanations from the brothers who abandoned him.


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Of course I want Bela back. She’s sexy, she’s scheming. She kept the Winchesters on their toes and she was royally screwed from a deal she made as a desperate, abused child.  #BellaDeservesBetter.


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Gordon may be one of the scariest monsters the boys ever faced. He was basically Dean without Sam. There was no grey, and there were no lengths to which the hunter wouldn’t go to catch his prey. Also, Sterling K Brown is amazing and I just want to see him in all the things.

8.)Charlie (the “real” one)

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Yes, I know we got a Charlie back, but she isn’t *our* Charlie. I miss this nerdy woman who could find joy in a world with monsters and who just wanted to have an adventure or two. Charlie was done dirty and she deserves another go.


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Speaking of doing dirty… I don’t think I will ever forgive the writers for what they did to Eileen. Here we have this beautiful, badass, deaf female hunter and some legit representation… and she gets killed by a monster she has no defense against… since hell hounds can’t be seen and she’s deaf. I fucking hate what they did to her and I want her back to make shit right…. and by right I mean she and Sam get married and have lots of dogs and babies… but I’ll settle for “didn’t die in a shitty way that made her disability a literal weakness.” Bad form, Supernatural.


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Oh Victor. You could have been such an awesome ally for the boys… or a legit hunter yourself… and then Lilith went and killed you. The FBI agent has unfinished biz and I want to see some more vengeful G-man spirit.


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Balthazar was the straight-forward zero fucks friend we all needed and I want him back because honestly Cas needs some angelic non-dickish bonding time, and if he can’t have that, then at least he can hang with his “dick but open about it” brother.

12.)Missouri Mosely

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Look, I will never be okay with how the writers did Missouri dirty. Ever. She was a one episode character fans loved and adored, and her return to the show was touted only to kill her off for Man Pain. She was a powerful psychic and I want her back to take care of our wayward boys… also to see her deal with Cas.

13.)Bobby (the real one)

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I know we have “Bobby” now, but we don’t have our Bobby. The one we have didn’t adopt two boys and raise them… when this new Bobby calls the boys “idjits” isn’t not from the same place of deep, abiding paternal affection our Bobby had. If the end is near.. the boys deserve their (adopted) Dad by their side.


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Say what you want about Benny, but the Creole vampire changed Dean for the better in Purgatory. All he wanted was to do right and be good… but it wasn’t meant to be for Dean’s second best friend. Benny opened Dean’s eyes to a whole new world and I just want him to pop into ours for a minute.

15.) Kevin Tran

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Poor Kevin. He never wanted to be a part of this life… all he wanted was to go to school and help out his mom. Sadly the Prophet of the Lord had no choice in where his life headed (or how it ended), and even though we saw “tweaker” Kevin in the “Other” world, we deserve to know if he ever made it out of the veil, and how he and his mom are doing. Mama Tran is THE.BEST.

Now… Who SHOULDN’T Come Back????? 

This fucker:

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I don’t care what iteration or who is playing him… Lucifer is done here. There is no more story to tell, and he’s not even the biggest bad in the room. Keep the story line as dead as the character, Supernatural. PLEASE.

Alright, SPNFamily… is there anyone I missed??? Who do you want to see come back for the final season?? Anyone you really don’t want to see?? Let us know!